You will find Sons of Liberty Riders RC wherever the Constitution is being trampled on. You are likely to find them in a politicians office, the Texas State Capital, the Halls of congress or where people are mistreated by their own government or government agencies.


They (SOLRRC) is made up of Veterans, Patriots and political activist some with decades of political experience. SOLR RC joined US Defenders on motorcycle safety issues a year ago. SOLRRC has 13 dedicated members.


We worked together with incredibly dedicated, talented people like Paul Landers  National Lt. Commander, we had Bills before the 84th Legislature, SB 754, HB 864, HB 813, HB 3862. Everyone is dedicated to motorcycle safety and to see that funding gets restored to the motorcycle safety fund. For the first time we (SOLRRC) were working with people where there wasn't a bunch of infighting going on.  


SB 754 is on its way to the Governors desk... That's bitter sweet.


Waco Twinn Peaks:


SOLRRC:  We don't really know what happened in the parking lot at Twinn Peaks. We think the police have a pretty good idea and did early on. They are now in foot dragging and destroy peoples lives mode along with the DA.


It did not take long after the incident for us to figure out there was a whole lot of lying and exaggerations going on, they branded everyone as a criminal gang member. This is something we knew was not true. We know the clubs came to hear about reports on recent legislation. US Defender reps were there to give those reports.


The COCI / US Defenders has been meeting over 10 years without incident. Whatever went down in the parking lot was not part of that and again we don't know what happened to be sure. At some point we hope the truth will come out, but maybe not in Waco which seems to be in some kind of self inflicted police state. 


​The constant badgering, exaggerations and threats from law enforcement and the TABC has had a ripple effect on all motorcyclist as businesses close their doors to clubs and patches. They are painting everyone with a broad brush. There are hundreds of Clubs that are dedicated to Charities, they are not cover for criminal enterprises as has been suggested, motorcyclist have big hearts and always have.


On top of it all instead of good investigative journalism, we get the media carry the water. Whether this is collaboration or just plain laziness remains to be seen...  


Something doesn't smell right in Waco...


So, SOLRRC is headed to Waco with a few friends in a peaceful silent protest, the media will embed with us.. We will be unarmed, no need for roof top snipers or military style vehicles.


 We will be coming with our permit given to us by the founders..



We Are Not Criminals from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.