Hey! Huma You Got Mail

Only in a 3rd world country could you see such corruption at the highest levels of government. Democrats are now yelling for FBI Director James Comy to step down after reopening the investigation on Hillary’s (HRC) email scandal. Should we remind them this is Clinton's own fault, not Comy’s. If democrats have a bitch take it up with her.

What we have here is a combination of arrogance and corruption by the democratic machine of party elites, the media and people like Hillary Clinton, Obama, George Soros. The machines arrogance has put this election in doubt for Hillary Clinton. Two things they lie and are full of themselves to the point they think they can get away with anything up to outright murder.

The only thing they can’t control is when you “Vote” - It's your turn…

As it turns out HRC's most trusted aid Huma Abedin that testified under oath to the FBI that she had turned in all devices she used to correspond with HRC’s private servers is an obvious lie. Evidently she was using or forwarding HRC’s emails to her husband Anthony Wiener's laptop. Not just a few but tens of thousands of them. The FBI came across them while investigating the big Wieners sexting escapades, this time a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

Huma is in hiding and hasn’t a clue how those emails got there, Bull Shit!

Huma Should Have Never Had Any Kind Of Security Clearance

Now all the roaches are scrambling, desperately trying to give each other cover. DOJ Director Lorretta Lynch steps back in to the frey after pleading the 5th as to how the President came up with 1.5 billion to pay a ransom to Iran, 450 million in cash without raising red flags or a single eyebrow.


A TV news reporter said just a day ago how sleazy are these people? Here at TBRN we feel, this is just the tip of the ice berg. There is a lot more to come unless Hillary wins this election and takes total control. The FBI is now under full assault by the DNC / HRC underground. We've got to have their backs so they can do the right thing no matter where or who it lands on.


Just think Hillary could win the election and then be indicted before being sworn in.


Wow!  Do we really want this?

Enriching Themselves Through Charity
Enriching Themselves Through Charity

It’s up to you to stop the corruption of party elites here and now. It’s up to you to save what’s left of the Constitution. It’s up to you to save our Nation.


VOTE Trump


Respect, MM