10/19/18 - Fort Worth 


We went to Fort Worth today to look around the stockyards. Cruised up and down no Bikers insight just rain as it has been for weeks now. A Few  disappointed tourist we are sure bad weather and no Outlaw Bikers to take pics with. 


After we saw a cop pass by Wilson's Leather Goods then turn around and go back the other way we decided to go in check the pulse. Nothing else to do on a crappy day like this.


All's quite on the western front, seems like everyone is waiting for the next big thing whatever that is. Customers still pour in, but we got to admit LE Clubs should be embarrassed the way that Jeff was treated by the Fort Worth PD SRT Unit. 


For this reason we will troll the Stockyards this weekend and work to make it a Motorcycle Mecca. Why not? Galveston and Austin have found a away to make money, big money and it looks as if the Stockyards needs it. At least enough to maintain it because portions of it look in a state of disrepair. "Just Sayin...  




​Abel Reyna Backlash.  He just can't quit making wrong decisions can he? More preferential treatment for Baylor U students and alumni. Seems as though his lenient offer to a former Fraternity President Jacob Anderson.  In exchange for his plea, the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office dismissed four counts of sexual assault and recommended three years of deferred probation, a $400 fine and counseling. The plea offer would not require sex offender registration.


Now it's on our Ole Buddy Judge Strothers Court. I bet the ole coot wishes he'd retired back when we gave Reyna the boot? He's gone Jan 2019.


Strother will sentence Anderson on Dec. 10 after reviewing a background report compiled by the probation department.

The calls have been so distracting to Strother’s staff that the judge instructed them not to answer the phone unless they could determine it was not someone protesting the plea agreement. Hey Judge we protest too...


Francis O'Rourke:   


He was called a vanilla Obama today and we agree. He has this cadence when he speaks and it's certainly similar. Plus he can talk 15 minutes and say nothing. It a hodge pod of words and quotes. We should ask, just what is the immigration experience? What he sees and thinks is certainly not what we see and think. His values aren't ours for sure. 


We see 4000 welfare recipients with no visible means of support, we see hospital bills, public housing and people who do not have shared American values. We see an endless pit of poverty created by democrats like Francis O'Rourke.


He's certainly not talking about Texas Values.    


He's more inline with Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and every other nut your can find on the left that offers free shit. 


Fort Worth: Sheriff Department Sued 


Billy Larae Freeland was drunk when he was booked into the Tarrant County jail in October of 2017.

Five days later, he was taken to the emergency room with acute respiratory and renal failure caused by substance abuse withdrawal and was essentially unresponsive. He never regained consciousness and, 12 days later, the 61-year-old Bedford man died, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his sons.

Billy Freeland’s sons filed the wrongful death lawsuit in district court against Tarrant County and Sheriff Bill Waybourn on Oct. 12. In the suit, Taylor and Josh Freeland say their father died due to a lack of basic medical care while in custody at the Tarrant County Jail. Sound familiar Brothers & Sisters? READ ON Star telegram 


We find it hard to believe the Sheriff would condone the mistreatment of inmates. He is a God fearing man unless you give him a reason not to be. We know him personally. Let us say this. We think he was handed a mess, matter of fact a swamp.


The former Sheriff Dee Anderson held that office for 16 years and we think there in lies the problem. It's the culture that exists within the ranks of jailers across Texas. As Bikers we had that experience in McLennan County when Bikers were denied medical treatment not only in jail but on the scene at Twinn Peaks where Bikers bled out because they were refused medical attention. Bikers were pleading for help. It's much like the VA that can never really change. Changing a culture is hard but that's no excuse. Heads should roll and new policies should be put in place fast.


The first clue for us would be Tarrant Sheriffs Deputy Mann that went into a fit as a City Councilman in White Settlement TX. Motorcyclist were there to receive a Motorcycle Safety proclamation when accused everyone there of being Bandidos or Bandido Support Clubs. All of it was based on false allegation spread all over Texas by State and Federal Lae Enforcement Agencies like the FBI, DPS, ATF. City Councilman resigned i a fit of rage and innuendo. That's good because we didn't have to remove him from office like we did Abel Reyna...  


You can bet it's that way in the DA's office too... A swamp!