By: Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service


Congratulations are in-order for Fox News ... we finally had a one-on-one debate.  Not that I trust Fox news anymore, but at least Trump wasn’t facing two, three, or more opponents … just Hillary, and while the mainstream media says she won, the winner was clear to real people – Trump was the victor.

Chris Wallace was, in the end, a real journalist asking tough and fair questions to both candidates.  He was much less patient with Mr. Trump than he was with Mrs. Clinton but we can chalk that up to a cultural upbringing of being polite to ladies,or in Mrs. Clinton’s case, a reasonable facsimile thereof.

On issue after issue Trump outmaneuvered, out thought, and gave better answers to questions, policy, and implementation of policy than Mrs. Clinton, who often just reverted to exhaustingly lame talking points.  She was indecisive on the email and other scandals, attempting to play rope-a-dope most of the time.

On border security, the Islamic threat to the U.S., immigration of Muslims from ISIS involved countries, and other security related issues, Trump was right in tune with average Americans.  Trump made a point of saying that America must clean house because there are some “bad hombres” here.  Point scored for Trump.

Knowing that the Okeefe video of the Clinton campaign workers organizing chaos at Trump rallies was already in circulation and on the video Scott Foval bragged about using people with mental problems to create chaos at Trump events to make it look as if Trump supporters were attacking women … Trump hammered home the sleazy tactics of the Clinton campaign and even suggested that the bimbo eruption was made up by the Clinton Campaign.

Whether the issue was transparency, partial birth or late term abortion, the Supreme Court, gun control, lowering taxes, defense, or border security, Trump had the upper hand, even calling Clinton a “nasty woman.”

Point after point on foreign policy, security, the economy, jobs, and putting the country back together Trump hammered Hillary Clinton.  But that’s not what one would believe if one were to take the media spin on the debate.

According to CNN, only 27% of the audience thought Trump won the debate.  Krauthammer of Fox News says that Trump won the debate but lost the night with one statement.  More on that in a moment.  NBC, ABC, CBS and the liberal polls are telling us that Hillary won.  That, of course, flies in the face of the less biased polls out there.  The  Frank Luntz focus group was fairly close, with 14 of his participants saying that Trump won, while 12 thought that Hillary won.

In the Drudge Report poll, Trump was the winner with a margin of 76% to Hillary’s 24%.  Similar results were seen in the polls conducted by other conservative organizations.  On Facebook and other social media, Trump appeared to have about a 10-point lead in positive response.

But, as we all know, the media never let the truth get in the way of a well-planned story outcome, which was written long before the debate ever took place.  So, what was the line the media inserted to prove that Hillary won?  Let’s look.

For weeks Trump has been saying that the election is rigged.  When asked if he would accept the outcome of the vote by the American people, he said he would keep the country “in suspense,” concerning the outcome of the election.

Hillary Clinton, whose operatives have been busy rigging the election, said that his answer was horrifying.  Krauthammer said that response just cost him the election.  But for those of us who have followed politics for decades, I find myself in an awkward position.  I am not a big Trump supporter, but I agree with his assessment.  Last election we saw voter turnouts of 120%—even as high as 130%—of registered voters in  some counties from Florida to Texas and beyond.

Add to that fact that a Clinton campaign worker has instructed workers to destroy Republican voter sheets, another organized chaos to disrupt Trump events, trotted out fake “victims” of Trump’s sexism, such as his former employee Barbara Res who says he assaulted her.  Only one problem she is a two-faced liar.  She forgot that she had written a letter asking for him to help promote her book.  When he ignored her, she accused him of assault.  But in the letter, she wrote to The Donald she said:

I do appreciate all you have done for me.

I credit you with giving me a very big break, and treating me, in contrast to your reported demeanor, in a very non-sexist way.

The point here is simple.  The media bias in this election is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  They haven’t even deigned to pretend to be fair or impartial.  The Clinton campaign is about as sleazy as any I can remember and her history is that she will do anything, say anything, lie about anything, and destroy anyone who stands in the way of her dark, statist, religious view.  Trump was right when he called her a nasty woman.  She is the antithesis of the Judeo-Christian values of America.

But, as we all know, facts matter little to the committed communists, socialists, and anarchists in the media.  They are in lock-step with and support absolutely Clinton’s vision of a new collectivist, statist American community from which there is no “opt out” button.  You are in—no matter what—which of course means that if force is required, then lying, rigging, intimidation or conniving is necessary to continue the building of the “god state,” then damn the torpedoes … full speed ahead!

Therefore, considering all the shameful shenanigans that have gone on, including vote tampering, chaos, sabotage, media bias and lies, fake womanizing, while at the same time no reporting on Hillary’s drunken south American lesbian womanizing trysts, or any mention of her criminality at the Clinton Foundation, influence peddling, pay-to-play, Benghazi cover up, support for the Muslim Brotherhood, or the State Department’s quid pro quo attempt to shield Hillary from felony prosecution under the Security Laws of the U.S., is it surprising when Trump says he will not necessarily accept the outcome of a potentially rigged electronic vote?

In reality, and considering all of this, wouldn’t it be more shocking if Trump naively said, “Sure, whatever happens is ok.”?  And the media … well they mock him as if he just flew in from another planet.