Peacefull Protesters
Peacefull Protesters
Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was arrested and charged with first-degree homicide after a clash with protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Of course we know Wisconsin and Illinois progressive leaders and prosecutors are going to throw the book at him for several reasons, #1 he's white and 17. 

Pelosi Is Not Safe From Voters

But first lets point out, none of this would have happened if progressive leaders would not have instigated riots in our streets night after night for months, this includes the now communist DNC. Next on the list is law enforcements inability to get rid of stupid. We are sorry about that but we have to call it the way we see it. 


Law enforcement should (?) understand by now that video cams are everywhere and shooting anyone in the back 7 times at close rang is not, we repeat is not a good image and you are wearing them. In this case they poured gas onto the fire when the victim was Jacob Blake, 29 years old black guy. Anything he has done in the past makes no difference to the marxist mob. It's all they needed to destroy the small town of Kenosha, they came within hours and state and local officials "let" them loot & burn. There's no excuse.


There was a FB post that said " He (Kyle) shouldn't have been there he's 17 ruined his life". Let us point out to this Einstein. There's a whole bunch of shouldn't haves in this case.


#1 the failure of progressive local and state officials to do their jobs and keep the peace by letting protest evolved into a destructive and lethal force (bricks can kill),


#2 Jacob Blake is not without blame, simply complying with the law would have saved a city from ruin and save lives.


#3 Just maybe Kyle Rittenhouse wouldn't felt the need to defend innocent victims of the well organized marxist mob burning and looting at will. This whole episode should not be on him, there's a lot more that goes into it...just Sayin..

Joe Biden has been forced out of one of his homes to comment on the violence and basically said violence won't solves the problem of racism, Ya think!


Waco Fusion Center: It's been 4 years since the Twinn Peaks incident and since then we've learned many things about the Law, the Courts. #1 in that catagory is how corrupt they are and in our view it may be proof of our theory no matter how things change the more they stay the same, especially in our world as Bikers.


After more than 4 years a Bike night was held in Waco and no one was hiding it. With no reason multiple law enforcement agencies swung into tag team action. Stopping Bikers coming and going to the event, checking id's, writing warning tickets and so on. Everybody new it was profiling and not bs traffic stops. Failing to give turn signals and crossing the yellow line, everybody new it has harassment. Trying to find anything and everything they could without probable cause. 


When the DPS is on the scene they are in charge of the operation including the Twinn Peaks fiasco in 2015. Until Able Reyna stepped in, at that point the DPS basically bolted and let Able Reyna ruin his career. Over 150 Bikers stood their ground refused plea bargains and let the law lie under oath. "Zero" convictions after 4 years of turmoil and heartbreak for innocent Bikers.


Fusion Centers Nationwide is a failed system the military tried to use in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This was pointed out to us by a guy in the know. The people that developed the system sold it to LE in this country to basically spy on American citizens and categorized us all. Once your in their illegal databases, even though you may have committed no crime ever, your stuck! No one we know of has gotten out. Whats worse is they don't follow their own guidelines.
They are corrupt. Take Cook County Illinois. where LE was told by the courts and state officials to end their collection of data gathering. Were told not to participate in database gathering anywhere. They can and will add you to databases in surrounding counties that have not been told to get rid of their gang databases, this includes adding to the FBI / HMS National Databases. 


Take Note! Our country is being ripped apart, harassment by the DPS / FBI and others makes it awfully hard to back the blue even in these trying times. Most MC's do not allow LE members and there is just cause for that. Besides the have their own MCs. We've been vilified in some form or other since 1947. You look out across our country and you have to realize that motorcyclist and motorcycle clubs are not the enemies LE makes us out to be. It shows total disrespect and lack of knowledge, motorcycle clubs are not gangs. 


So now the gang units in Waco wants to play games while Rome burns literally, lets play along and do it peacefully, have some fun, beer and food. Just maybe we can help save a failing business hit by the china virus.


When did you say the next Bike night in Waco is? Body cams r us.... just sayin.




Under The Don't Give A Shit Category: The NBA says the will finish out the post season, but before that happens they will pause play in solidarity with the Texas Rangers and Dallas wings (whoever they are). The truth is we don't care about lectures from major sports team players and Hollywood types that supports marxist organizations like the BLM, Antifa, espn and the DNC. Politics does not belong in sports nor the entertainment industries 90% of whom do not know what they are talking about. Attention nfl do you really want to go there?

Minnesota Looted & Burnt: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey issued a curfew for the city and condemned the rioting that took place downtown Wednesday, in which mobs of people smashed storefronts and looted buildings, motivated by a rumor of a fatal police shooting. Turns out the person the mob thought was a police shooting killed himself. So now the mob claims they were justified because the man would not have shot himself if police did not respond to a 911 call. So in this case the police are damned if they do and damned if they don't if the crazed man would have shot someone other than himself??? Of course the media and mayor tries their best to give cover to thugs disguised as protesters.


All this shit has prompted Slo Joe Biden to come out of one of 2 million dollar homes. To little too late to chastise his base who's instigating the whole mess...