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April 28th 2020: What is it that leads the people to the streets? #1) Is when the Government at any level gets heavy handed and violates Constitutional Rights of the people. No matter how misguided you might think they are they have the right to seek redress from their government. COVID19 hasn't made Texans any less skeptical about government actions. The difference is now, we are all involved and the people making decisions are drawing a pay check while others are in fear of losing everything they've worked for. They are at the end of the line. 

On this day Sons Of Liberty Riders MC road in support of businesses that have been told they cannot reopen because of the covid 19 virus fears. Politicians are now led by what they call science. We have shut the country down based on what happening in the most infected region of the country. Early on they used models that had no data to back them up. The scientific community since the beginning has been in a game of catch up and figuring out best practices with no vaccine insight, if ever.


Many States have flattened the curve and know we can't stay shutdown forever. We were shocked to hear governor Abbott has open up selected businesses as long as they maintained occupancy rates of 25%. There's not many businesses in the world that can survive on 25% and we don't see good measuring data come out of that number. Abbott used home depot as an example. Certain Businesses have been singled out, Hair Salons, Barber Shops, Bars. Whats more disturbing is common sense tells us these businesses are not the cause of a viral spread. Now they have to wait at least two more weeks while Abbott grows a pair. Two more weeks is an eternity when your trying to keep your business alive.


In Dallas County Shelly Luther owner of "Salon A la Mode" has dared to stand up and say I need to open now, I cannot wait, I've got to save my business and my employees jobs. Now the State and County Judge are making licensing threats. Now she will have to defend herself in court and this will cause more protests for the foreseeable future.


As Bikers we've seen this same tactics used by government, police. Using licensing agencies like the TABC to make threats. We see things that are happening to us on a daily basis for decades are now happening to citizens trying to survive, save Texas and the Nation. Bikers have been vilified, singled out, profiled, entered into databases even though never committing a crime, arrested for minor traffic violations, suffered in our Nations kangaroo courts. We are here to make sure this does not happen to Shelly or any other business owner who cannot survive without opening their doors. We are sounding the alarm, there are those within government who want to extend the suffering and collapse the system. We are the targets not the President..


Common sense tells us these singled out businesses are not major distributors of covid 19, public transportation (buses, light rail, subways) businesses still operating without extra precautions and places where people live on top of each other are.


There are 29 million Texas citizens not including those that are here and under the radar, as of April 29th there has been 874 deaths in Texas. Breaking it down that 1.9 per every 100 thousand. Depending on where you look and who you trust we are about 45th of 50 States and US Territories.   


Popeye, Sons Of Liberty Riders MC President and Co-Founder did get a chance to speak. He told the crowd he has all the underlying conditions that's causing so much death among covid 19 victims. But it's his responsibility for his personal security and health, not the government. Even during a pandemic we have Constitutional Rights. He went onto demonstrate how cup lids distributed by the millions all across Texas and the Nation could be one of the main culprits in the spread (see video below). 


 It's in our view every business in Texas should be allowed to open their doors following the guidelines currently distributed, more than 25%. We know how the government can get heavy handed, we know the tricks they use and fear more often than not is #1...


The biggest fear of all is that we have created a whole new class of freeloaders, dependent on government and will vote themselves benefits from unscrupulous politicians.


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