As I was driving around doing errands last night I tuned into a local talk radio show. I was shocked to hear him spewing so much misinformation about Waco. This guy has completely fallen for what we call the nudge.


That's when the government, police and media use subtle words, phrases and misinformation to sway the public a certain direction. Words continually repeated like "gangs", thugs, drugs, sex slaves, bikers, weapons with exaggerated numbers since the shootings. Even the words leather and vests have taken a hit.

On the radio show the host upgraded it to domestic terrorist..


​Lets get real, nowadays the real domestic terrorist wear suits and badges. We're talking politicians and federal police like Homeland Security who happens to be smuggling Somali's and other illegals into the country daily, on orders from the white house.....There's your domestic terrorist!


 Your more likely to die from a terrorist they bring into the country than from a so called motorcycle gang. Their beef is with each either not the police or the public.


On the other hand there is just a few politicians that working for the people, the rest are thieves and con artists in both parties and protected and for the most part chosen by the media...Corrupt is the word that comes to mind. We have lawmen that are actually helping smuggle these potential threats into the country. They thrown their oath and the nations safety out the window.


​A large portion of motorcycle riders are veterans who homeland security has identified as potential domestic terrorist, along with 60+ tea parties....Idiots came up with this... 


Its not really hard to figure out who's the real threat to your family. One thing for sure it's not a biker..