We think President Donald Trump is having a ball driving the media nuts and he's dragging out his Secretary of State pick in brilliant fashion. Proof of that is the media's coverage of the dinner with Mitt Romney. 



Published on Nov 30, 2016 By Inside Edition


As speculation surrounds meetings between president-elect Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, the two enjoyed a quiet dinner together. Joining the pair at the ritzy Jean Georges was Trump's chief of staff Reince Priebus. On the trio's menu were garlic soup with frog legs and scallops. Trump reportedly dined on a prime sirloin while Romney enjoyed lamb chops. After the meal, they were served chocolate cake.


The media even went as far to have lip reader interpret what Trump was saying in a video of the dinner. These are not the exact words but the President Elect said we should not talk in front of them, "them" being the media. On top of that the media had the executive Chef fix up some frogs legs so they could examine the taste, "really", any 5th grader could have wrote that story and better. 


Progressives have gotten it all wrong, they blame anybody and everybody but themselves. The Progressive DNC is no longer the party of the working man. Party Elites and power hungry, money grubbing Congressman and Senators have gone along with destroying American manufacturing and the loss of jobs, together they have spent our country into oblivion..


Democrats are now globalists, party of open borders, party of refugees and a welfare state. They need the poor, the immigrant and the uneducated American haters / cry babies from our colleges to stay in power. Yes, college cry babies are uneducated indoctrinated commies of the left.


TBR News predicts the split between the progressives will widen with the re-election of 77 year old Nancy Pelosi, another party elite who has enriched herself and her husband off of the American workers backs.  


Hang onto your hat, they biggest worry for progressives is a successful President Donald Trump. He's not even in office yet

Ford and Carrier manufacturing plants have decided to keep American jobs here in our country. A new wave of buy American is coming.


Obamacare is collapsing under it's own weight, something must be done for costs and deductions are rising to exorbitant heights. It get worse in 2017 if left unchecked. Look for fast action by the Trump Admin to lower cost to affordable levels with you in charge of your healthcare. 

Immigration control doesn't start with a wall, it starts by enforcing laws that are on the books, take federal money away from sanctuary cities, colleges and Law Enforcement Agencies refusing to enforce our laws, remove non Americans from our welfare roles, stop the partice of anchor babies, remove foreign criminals, remove foreign students that never reported to class, remove foreigners who have overstayed the visas, manufactures should hire American citizens and prove newly hired employees are just that. Needed skills by non citizens must be applied for with proof they are needed for certain jobs. Stop the practice of government contracts to religious organizations to feed and house immigrants brought in with no visible means of support. The practice of religious organizations approving someone worthy of citizenship


Immigrants do not get automatic citizenship. Must get in line.


Extreme Vetting for everybody.. Deport those who abuse their citizenship by harboring and not reporting criminals and terrorists. In our view this should include Families, Mosques, Institutions, Charities.. 


And we're just gettin started..