It's quite clear teachers are busy indoctrinating our children to be good little socialist. They've been dumb down to the point they've bought into the new green deal and it's barely a month since AOC Ocasio-Cortez told the whole country how dumb she is when it comes to science, finance, American and World history. We don't think her performance as a congress it bodes well for a Boston College education which completely lacks common sense.  At the very least Cortez should be chastised for scaring the hell out of children announcing the world is going to end in 12 years. 


We just don't see a $5000 pay raise is warranted at this time because the product they have delivered over the past 30 years is incapable of anything but group thought.


We think AOC is proof positive our education system is broke. Does a $5000 pay raise fix it? Not without a merit based system where the best teachers make more money. Then all will strive to be excellent teachers instead of


socialist indoctrinaters..