We had almost 2 hrs of Trump Train Video. We whittled it down to about 40 min. still to long for everyone but the guys that participated. Who doesn't like video of themselves, right? It was a great day, we road as people waved, waved flags, lot of smiles. Saw two Biden supporters that showed their IQ by hand signal. Saw just a few Biden signs the whole way. Join a Trump Train, you meet nice people and real nice people if you meet Harley riders...just sayin... 


Sons Of Liberty Riders MC is stoked about being invited to participate in a Trump Train event out of Burleson TX. We're not even sure where they might go but who cares, it's just a way of showing support for your candidate and cause.


A Trump Train is certainly better than beating on drums all night screaming at police, blocking city streets, setting fires, burning businesses already struggling from lock downs, attacking old and innocent people.


Too much chaos in the face of the people and the message gets lost. Go out and get in their face said the democrats, it works till it doesn't and we are at that point, the push back is coming....


For years we've watched as Motorcyclist / Motorcycle Clubs  suffered from what we now see on a grand scale today. Can anyone say the Bidens family business, FBI, media coverup? Laws For Them Laws For Us is current and alive today, whether it be the President or a Motorcyclist / Club member. its in our view we now have a President who's had a taste of it and is he pissed.


False narratives, character assassinations, put in to gang databases with no due process, crooked DA's, Judges & courts, we've seen it all in our community. We simply ask our Constitutional Rights be upheld, to be treated fairly. If someone gets in trouble that's on them, do not profile everybody as if they are criminals when they are not. This is happening now. It's not a myth or false narrative.


Its simple and something that works for everyone no matter skin color.


There is no doubt recent events is going to change Police behavior towards blacks. In reality it should change the way they treat the public at large no matter skin color. The citizens are not an enemy. 


Laws for the laws for us should come to the front burner and will be exactly why we ride with the Trump Train.


The Job Is Not Done there is more to be done, revive the economy, kill the virus, drain the swamp, end laws for the laws for us.... Trump is the guy


Come one come all, join the Big Red Wave..