There is a reason President Trump should not engage in a virtual debate put on by The Commission on Presidential Debates. This commision is anything but non partisan. They scour the Nation looking for talented, skilled debate moderators so they say. Instead of skilled moderator we get progressive media hacks skilled in the art of deception, favoritism and providing cover.


Its not hard to see there has been a whole lot of outright cheating going on. For some reason and we believe its mostly arrogance they think the American citizens will look past their transgressions in favor of party, this is partly true because of the progressive voters demeanor.


Thank God there are millions not in that catagory. Millions of us who could see the obvious favoritism of these so called unbiased fair minded moderators. It was also obvious that candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris knew the questions coming at them. In The first Presidential debate Joe Biden was obviously reading from something. Don't take our word for it go back and watch, we'll provide a link.


We believe The Commission on Presidential Debates has run it's course. Demanding a virtual debate looks and smells fishy, progressive kind of fishy. There is no way, "Mr President don't fall for this trap"! There are just too many ways to cheat in a virtual debate. 


By now every American knows what's at stake and it's an all out political war. The Constitution and our way of life is under attack and it's obvious who's side The Commission on Presidential Debates is on. 


​Its time for us to Stand Up, Stand Up For Our Country, Stand Up For Our Families, Stand Up For Our Friends and Neighbors.....


Just Sayin.... Popeye


Crazy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi was never going to negotiate another round of stimulus money for the American People. Not before she knows the results of the elections. She's hoping the American people will blame Trump. It's clear she puts party before the people.


On Tuesday night Oct 6th 2020 Popeye has a novel idea. Nancy Pelosi should produce a stimulus bill with "no pork". Give the American people another round of stimulus to help them out. Instead (Oct 9th 2020) she's called a meeting about the 25th amendment.


Its clear President Trump is not incapacitated. Another progressive stunt added to a pile of them. Just what success has Pelosi and crew had for the American People? 


answer: "none" over 4 years!!


​We are calling for a Nationwide Call To Action "Stimulus For The People"