The Congress is putting forward a new Bill attempting to address the demands of protesters / rioters/ anarchist.   The proposed bill — currently called The Justice in Policing Act of 2020 — would make it easier to prosecute police misconduct and recover damages from officers found to have violated the constitutional rights of civilians.


The bill would require state and local governments to introduce mandatory anti-bias training among other non-discrimination programs.


A national register of police misconduct would be created and a ban on choke holds and other practices that have led to deaths would be implemented.


TBR: OMG! A database on police, welcome to the club.

The legislation also proposes federal standards on the use of force to make it a last resort rather than a question of reasonable use, with a focus instead on de-escalation.


The thrust of the changes to misconduct rules would see a shift from it being a crime for a police officer to “willfully” violate a person’s constitutional rights and instead doing so “knowingly or with reckless disregard”.


TBR: Goodbye qualified immunity..

There would also be changes to qualified immunity rules that stop individual officers being held legally liable for damages from those whose rights they have violated.

Corsican Really!
Corsican Really!

TBR: There's also the demand to demilitarize, what would this mean? Give up the army drab gear, camouflage, AR15's, MRAPS, Drones and super secret databases and SWAT Teams.


TBR: But Wait! Why should we stop at holding police accountable?  How about our politicians who lie, steal, cheat and enrich themselves with our tax dollars? Why should they have qualified immunity? Whats good for our police is surely good for them? Why should police be the only ones humiliated? They are now walking arm and arm with those who were throwing bricks, bottles and shooting them because they are losing the public's trust. Wow!

Gas Is Cheap

For the last 4 years we at TBR have been pointing out the Law at every level has been chasing the wrong threats to our cities, states and country. They've wasted millions harassing motorcycle clubs, creating databases via false narratives. 


Individuals in Motorcycle Clubs get in trouble from time to time. They are a reflection of our society as a whole. Motorcyclist believe in the Constitution, Stand for the pledge, National Anthem and Prayer. Veterans make up part of all Motorcyclist.


It doesn't take an Einstein. You turn on your TV you can see clearly the law has missed the boat and we've spent billions only to see them fail again and again. There are thousands of young anarchist who have been trained and believe in the communist manifesto. Where is a database on them? They smell blood! If they can't win throwing bricks, burning buildings, they will create a race war if possible. Our schools and colleges have taught them well. Watch closely, they are not a group with no hierarchy, they are trained with funding. 


This is not going to stop unless the public pushes back....