I have had it. I'm tired of this Obama administration who not only has a disrespect for our troops, veterans, but the entire Nation. When are they going to quit coddling muslims? Muslims the most violent religion of the face of the earth kills the innocent everyday.

I'm tired of a government who doesn't protect this country by securing our boarders.

I'm tired of a government that smuggles people into the country that would do us harm.

I'm tired of the progressive three branches of government that have ignored the Constitution and delivered evil to our front door step, they are full of themselves.

I'm tired of a government who wants to fundamentally change America.

I'm tired of politicians who speak out both sides of their mouths, more worried about party and re-election than they are the country or our state.

I'm tired of a media that circles the wagons and protects them all.

I'm tired of politicians who stand by and say nothing as 170 innocent people are arrested under false charges and given 1 million dollar bonds because the were in a building where a fight broke out in the parking lot, they were witnesses at best. Their lives and their families lives are in ruins and I can't find a politician that gives a damned, including the ones I know well.

I'm tired of a government / law enforcement that sees us as the enemy, whether we are a veteran, a biker, a tea party member or anyone who may disagree that are now seen as potential domestic terrorist.

I'm tired of a president who has become a dictator and a government that lets him rule over us...

All of them have now crossed the line.