There are studies out there on why Motorcycle Markets are down



Part of the blame is being put squarely on the shoulders of Millennials and Generation Z. Take note the oldest of Gen Z would now be about 22 years of age. Depending on who's data you use the oldest Millennials would be 36 and the youngest Boomer would be about 53. We're not sure how to explain the gaps, let's call them floaters. You could give or take a few years off any of them and you'd still be in the ball park.


Here's the deal with Millennials and Gen Z. They are addicted to electronic gadgets which in turn has made them lazy, self absorbed demanding little human beings. That's being nice about what we see in our own kids and grand kids everyday. They have very little interest in things outside their scope which doesn't go far beyond gadgets, cartoon movies and games. Go outside and play is bullshit in their eyes. Ride in the car without my gadgets OMG!



There's not one particular things to blame for this phenomena. We can point fingers at poor parenting, over protection, public schools that have used new technologies to indoctrinate and feminize young boys and emphasize girls as their superior. There was a study that showed Hispanic boys left school at an early age because they had figured out the schools were geared to advance girls. Don't believe it? Get away from football and sports. We've seen it with my own eyes.


Studies show Gen Z is more likely not to attend a major University or any College for that matter. Instead they will opt for online courses or nothing at all. To bad for wussyfied Universities Huh? It's even worse for parents who will have 40 year old kids playing games in their rooms.



What's The Motorcycle Industry to do?


In Particular HD


"We Say Back To Your Roots"


There is still a place were the Alpha Male is being produced. It's called the United States Military. Like all progressives Obama for 8 years tried to feminize, demoralize our troops, many left the military because they had seen enough.  


But now it's a new day, a new President that wants a stronger America in every way. 


Attention Harley Dealers! Advertisement should include  A new emphasis. They've done this before but maybe not in the way required to generate new business. Advertising should be put toward our Military men, women and even Gen Z, millennials and boomers at 53.


"Put that electronic shit down", there's nothing worth watching on TV. Get out discover the joy of riding a Motorcycle, the road, the brotherhood, the adventure, the freedom. Discover a New Cool World.


I still remember the first time my dad sat me on the gas tank of his Harley and let me work the throttle. I was hooked from day one. Get your kids out of the house and make lasting memories on a motorcycle.


Ride Or Die On The Couch.