The San Antonio Express (SE also known as SEX) has been carrying the water for the feds all though the trials of Jeffrey Fay Pike, 62, of Conroe, and ex-vice president John Xavier Portillo, 58, of San Antonio. They helped spread the narrative of motorcycle gangs for the feds, in this case the FBI version. 


Those guys never had a chance, not in federal court and the age of jury gerrymandering. They have much more control, with endless amounts of money and with stiff penalty guidelines.


Just the threat of long prison terms gives them the ability to sniff out rats to gets on the stand and create the narratives for the jurors who are also controlled through what? "Profiling". All have become puppets in order to spew the narrative. We see this playing out every day in the media, it's everywhere we turn. 



​Here's some exerts from SEX's latest article:


 On the three-year anniversary of Texas’ deadliest biker shootout, jurors in San Antonio found the two top former Bandidos leaders guilty of all charges they faced in a racketeering indictment.


The pair are charged in an indictment that was modified at least four times and contains 13 counts, though none of the charges were in relation to the May 17, 2015, shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco involving Bandidos, members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and police. That incident resulted in nine bikers being killed, 20 being injured and nearly 200 being arrested on state charges that later crumbled under the direction of the state prosecutor, McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna.


The San Antonio case did not involve Reyna’s office, but was prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Antonio and was part of an investigation that had already been ongoing before the Twin Peaks shootout.




If the cases were not related why mention it? Maybe to influence potential jurors in McLennan County because some guys got caught with drugs. I think drugs was mentioned once in the article and the rest is conjecture. 


Just Coincidence On The Anniversary Of Twinn Peaks? 


That the verdicts would come in San Antonio and there is a police memorial in Waco that included men in skirts, horsey's, helicopters being held on the river banks of the Brazos. How much did that cost the Tax payers? We hope nothing.  


​This should have been a day for police officers families and if this event was intentionally planned on the day of the Anniversary of Twinn Peaks, we think it speaks volumes or it should to the people of Mclennan County.  

It didn't stop the media from showing up at our event (watch below) held at the Mclennan County Courthouse north side. It's interesting that our event got a bigger write up than theirs in the local paper. Of course the media always moves toward who they think are they bad guy with no real clue, but in this case they know us well..


We prayed for the deaths of 9 individuals, their families and the 177 people arrested. Every bit of it was preventable if the Law had taken action instead of hiding on the perimeters of Twinn Peaks. At the ready with their powerful military toys.


We also spoke on how this was the largest case of motorcycle profiling in US History and how it is dangerous to every group (even Christians) when evil men & women gain corrupt power and are full of hate for a particular group. 


Wondering where they 5 or 6 law enforcement officers appeared when a motorist slammed into a car right in front of where were 52 Bikers gathered. Wearing tactical gear ready for action where there was none. Hiding in a parking lot with a watchful eye in case we were to riot I'm sure...... "sound familar"! 


Carry on Brothers & Sisters we have work to do...UNITE To Save Our Rights, Our Constitution!