After a week of Scooby Do gaffs Hillary abandons her Bullet Proof Luxury Scooby Do Van for a plane, she was even seen pulling her own bags, coach or first class? Notice the place is empty of other passengers.


Humor us please, with a few questions? How Many of you normal everyday folks travel in a bullet proof vehicle, "ever"? How many of you normal folks have money passed to you by Chiptole and other progressive operatives, foreign countries? How many of you have not pumped your own gas since 1996? How many of you have lived in one mansion after the other most of your life? When do you think she last cook her own meal? Has she ever riding a motorcycle? When was the last time she spoke the truth?


Her campaign kick off was Joe Biden-esque with one gaff after the other. Everything about it was fake, contrived and a lie, that is Clinton normal. They don't know anything else, their whole lives have been cover ups and lies. 


Let us tell you this, people who consider themselves privileged and above the everyday folk do not have a clue about being normal much-less acting like it.


Do you really want this as your next President? She is a continuation of what we now have, "A Disaster" for the everyday folks....


Bag Lady - Omaha Airport