On Texas Biker Radio #386 we played a video clip of Ken Star defending President Trump. It really hit home when he brought up that courts across the Nation and "Doing The Right Thing" in the same breath. Clearly we think he's been out of the loop too long in our view. That being said he brought up a good subject for our courtroom Judges in Texas to look at.


Do The Right Thing, it's as simple as that. What comes to mind when you think Do The Right Thing? Fairness would be one, due process, follow the law, resist collusion, keep an open mind, respect the Constitution the Supreme Law Of The Land...  That's just a few, we all could pile on. 


There is a point the people will loose faith in what was described it may not be perfect but it's the best. Best is slipping and could be described as third world law and courts. Fairness in Texas is getting really hard to find...


On or around February 2nd Judge Young may hold a status hearing on Patricks case. When a Judge jumps on to the collusion band wagon with the DA & the Law its a crooked court and no better than what we see playing out in the Nations Capital, the difference being the President has a battery of lawyers to defend him against the lies and innuendos coming at him.


Surely Judge Young has heard what supports Patricks case? In an interview after Judge Young called a mistrial the DPS told Andrew Moore a reporter for Channel 6 News the TxGANG database records are not to be used to independently confirm gang affiliation. 

"If law enforcement performs a wanted persons check and the person being searched has been entered in TXGANG, the return will indicate that the person is a possible gang member. There is no message that states the person is “registered and confirmed as a gang member,” The Texas Department of Public Safety said in an emailed response.


We have to wonder, did DPS Officer Tice know a person is not identified as a gang member by the DPS? Or did he ignore it in order to arrest and jail a decorated veteran that he knew nothing about? Even worse did Judge Young and the DA know it before the Channel 6 news story? Patrick has been denied due process on the side of the road while legally carrying his weapon with a license. 

Judge Young who claims the law that allows Patrick to legally does not apply to him because of Club affiliation. Remember the gang database does not identity a person as a registered gang member, so the judge is now making his decision with guilt by association that is not a law. Only one Club has been found guilty as being a criminal organization and their not listed in the Texas Gang Assessment Report. Motorcycle Clubs are not street gangs.


Note since the gang database does not identify gang members it tells us they no the data is skewed and full of mistakes. Mainly because the data is collect by biased LE who do not comply with the rules required for one to be put into a gang database. There is pressure to populate the growing numbers of gang databases in the State.


It's a recipe for Constitutional violations. 


Now would be the time for Judge Young to do the right thing in the words of Ken Star. Be one of those courts he talked about so eloquently. Do it for a Decorated Disabled Combat Veteran of 24 years that doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.


"Honest conviction is my courage; the Constitution is my guide." - Andrew Johnson