Everyone in America can see what’s going on.  Unless your member a member of the Congress or Senate.  There are crimes being committed all around them, yet they can’t figure it out. For decades, they've been unable or unwilling told anyone accountable for anything they do in government. 


The good ole boy system circles the wagons in order to protect themselves and people who commit crimes on their behalf. They work to get at the bottom of it all yet they never do. Pleading the 5th, I can't remember and double talk is the order of the investigation day.
The most famous maybe "what difference does it make"

Now we have leaks that are unprecedented. Leaks that are a National Security risk. Now entire transcripts of conversations of the President can be laid out to the media.  This power can be used against anyone at anytime for any reason. Just who has the power and the ability to listen in on not just Presidential conversations but yours and mine?  There’s only a few, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, certainly homeland security would never do that?

We understand that there’s certain protocol that must be gone through in order to access and listen to these conversations.  Seems like all these high powered agencies could narrow this down in a day.  If they can’t this system is a worthless piece of shit or these agencies  are involved in the leaks.


Real hardcore conversations and negotiations between leaders are not what you hear in the media.  Different countries, different agendas, different ideologies, rivals fighting to have their thoughts prevail, in most cases.  Very few agree 100%.  Yet the media will use these conversations for their political agendas. Only progressives get a pass. 

The media makes a big deal about the President’s approval numbers yet they say nothing about the even lower approval numbers of the Congress and Senate which are around 11%.


Part of the problem is we have 535 congressmen and senators that think they are President or should be.  Collectively both sides have delivered the current state of affairs that country finds itself in.


  • We are and debt 19 Trillion.
  • We have been unable to secure our borders.
  • We have a drug flow & drug epidemic problem
  • We have failing schools nothing more than indoctrination academies.
  • We have a aging infrastructure
  • We have an unfair tax system (politicized - deep state)
  • We have fake media
  • We have a rigged judicial system top to bottom (deep state - selective enforcement)
  • ​We have Law Enforcement, FBI, DHS, CIA, Border Patrol politicized (deep state)
  • We have a corrupt congress & senate (deep state)  
  • We have laws for us and laws for them
  • We have Health Care for us that's failing and Health Care for them that's great. 
  • ​We have a crumbing country and they have an empire. 

The President works to save us while political elites work to destroy him.


It’s hard to fathom with all the problems we have and all the work that needs to be done.  Why the Congress and Senate would be leaving for summer recess.  It seems that they’re more worried about their vacations than they are getting the people’s work done.  Work that they promise to get done once Obama left office. Both sides are to blame, may we remind chuck Schumer that he is not president and we are sick of him too.

Will the Congress and Senate members please read the 28th amendment.  Please, you should be on the same Health Care programs you prescribe for us, your staffs should be on the same Health Care you prescribe for us.  Your staffs should pay their own college tuition's not the taxpayers.  Your staffs should get no special treatments that the American citizens don’t have access to.  Same goes for every government worker.

They’ll all be coming home soon let them know what you think, give  them a phone call, go to a town hall if their brave enough to have one. 


Demand respect for the American people, demand respect for our tax dollars, tell them to get the job done, go back to DC and quit whining.


Mel “Popeye” Moss