In a recent GQ article the author described us Bikers as conservative republicans. I'm not sure why he chose to inject that into the article?


Like most Americans we are all over the place politically. Even the most conservative of us have different views on just about everything socially. He should not misconstrue our Patriotism and love of country as a republican stamp. I mean, there still are conservative democrats out there who believe in American values.


Many Bikers are Veterans, many Clubs have a Military style name. Most veterans have a certain amount of mistrust in government and they have good reason. Recent VA scandals and the loss of territory to ISIS in Iraq paid for with thousands of American lives, not to mention 14,000 wounded because of crappy ROE's. Instead of killing the enemy they chose to try and protect troops in vehicles against powerful explosives.


Veterans know politicians extend and lose wars they do not win them.


​For the most part Bikers are a reflection of our middle class hard working Americans. Every biker I know who is not retired has a job, even the 1%. The picture that's being painted by Law Enforcement couldn't be further from the truth and the media falls for it. Even GQ.


I'm sure there are some who are into the drug culture, of course what part of our society isn't? Even cops have sold drugs and done bad things, terrible things! Like politicians they are not immune to the corruption we see every night on television. Greed and money drives that boat.


That's not the case with my Brother Bikers. Like many Americans they work pay check to pay check hopefully with a little extra overtime money to boot. It takes a job to maintain a family and a bike nowadays. Times change nothing stays the same, even in the Biker Club world. Clubs don't want the grief criminal activities will bring down upon them. It's just not worth it for all...


Law enforcement and those who benefit from slandering all Clubs as Out Law Motorcycle Gangs do not change. They must justify themselves and the monies they spend, the narrative they paint about Bikers has not changed in decades. Its all about money, greed and selling the public that Bikers are bad......


Don't paint us as what we are not. We don't all fit the mold..