(NGAN) Late Tuesday Evening on August 1, 2017 Kerry Bradley was murdered by Waco Police Department. He was leaving his mother's residence and approximately 2 blocks from his own home when the shots rang out that fateful night.

The victim is said to have 22 bullets of 37 rounds from assault rifles within his body body. So 15 rounds went where? So much for public safety. Police contend that Kerry Bradley was driving his vehicle towards them aggressively with the intent to do harm to them. Of course he was!


Witnesses say that's not the case, Kerry Bradley was ambushed. The witnesses from that night say that the event transpired totally different from the narrative that officers gave. They say that it was only after authorities opened fire that his vehicle came in contact with an officer. With that many rounds in his body we can see why no one was at the helm. Rocket science 101.

The victims wife, mother, and sister are left mourning and having to deal with an unresponsive unapologetic Waco Police Department who has been anything but helpful regarding the case.

The citizenry in Waco, local clergy members, and activists, along with NGAN demand answers on behalf of this family. We will hold a Press Conference....


5 Dallas Cops Murdered


This is bad news for Waco PD, we think the Next Generation Action Network is every bit as bad as the BLM. We think their efforts and chants will only fan the flames against Law Enforcement. Using Texas Law they could be in jail for criminal collusion by 3 or more people, inciting the murder of police officers around the country.


Oh! That's only for Bikers..


We also see there are police officers that should be in jail for crimes against the innocent. Police are given special treatment not given to the public, very hard to indict much less convict. That and overwhelming force fans the flames that will only get brighter and larger in the Black communities. 


There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions at this point. Maybe the media will do it's job and get real facts so the family might understand why such a force for a search warrant at his mother's house?