Scott Gates

Scott Gates, Minister of Irritance, explaining the Texas Public Information Act, its many subtle uses and dynamics…

Marlin , TX – As the industrialized world began to emerge from a feudal system of landlords and ladies who dictated living and working conditions for agrarian peasants, an educational system emerged in the militarized society of Prussia, a province situated in an unhappy flatland with few natural boundaries, difficult to defend.

It is a system of fractionalized time periods divided by bells in which platoons of students stroll from class to class to learn how to take tests based on yes or no, multiple choice answers – a system in which the notion of independent thought is designed to invoke feelings of resentment and fear, creative inquiry is ridiculed, asking questions is punishable by painful disciplinary procedures and the isolation resulting from that course is nearly unbearable.

They called it gymnasium. We call it high school.

But it doesn’t really fit the American land mass, a continent guarded by two oceans, multiple mountain ranges, torrential rivers, impenetrable swamps, hostile deserts…

However, it works well in an economy in which farmers are paid through government control not to grow crops, inspectors of every stripe serve as policemen who “enforce” administrative rules masquerading as laws which govern a system much more rigid and authoritarian than anything dreamed up by barons and earls, dukes and duchesses, kings and queens.

It is done through a rigid control of information. The authorities operate from the standpoint that it is up to them to decide what is and is not good for the individual to know through a system of classification and secrecy that rivals anything the medieval mind ever devised.

It works great when you are preparing for the next meat grinder industrialized world war financed on a cost plus basis by international financiers with play money to lend, currencies based on the full faith and credit of treasuries long since bankrupt and operating on an impossible burden of debt service.

B. Franklin, printer, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said it best:

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Activist bikers stymied by the ultra-violence of the Twin Peaks massacre witnessed a near total shutdown of their channels of communication on May 17, 2015 at a restaurant in Waco, Texas, when police acting as agent provocateurs incited a gunfight, then began to spew some of the most colorful disinformation ever devised in the history of broadcast journalism, including a mythical blanket “gag order” that in reality applied only to the principals and legal representatives involved in one criminal case, that of State v. Clendennen for the capital offense of engaging in organized criminal activity leading to capital murder and/or aggravated assault. It is identical to every other vague, ill-defined conspiracy charge pronounced by a magistrate on that unhappy day.

In a word, the war was on.

The remedy proposed, an independent biker news network, is within the grasp of every person with a cell phone. Listen in on a discussion held at Marlin, Texas, on Saturday, Julty 23 in a Mexican restaurant on I-45, so chosen in avoidance of spending one Lincoln-head penny in the hell hole redefined by David Koresh as W-A-C-O (We ain’t comin’ out…).

As Lord Buckley once said, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, knock me your lobes…” – The Legendary

Butch Moss

Bulldog Assault Coxswain of the Gator Navy, Butch Moss of the Sons of Liberty Riders and co-founder of Texas Biker Radio Network