Although It may seem so at times Abel Reyna is not stupid. He had one of the best educations money can buy at Baylor U Law. Took one of the hardest bar exams in the country. Super Lawyers dubbed him Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer. Selected to Rising Star 2005, 2009, 2011. 


Reyna Quotes from The Baylor Lariat


Reyna's 2010 election:


It's just time that we step up the aggressiveness against crime," Reyna said.

Reyna said he hopes to work more closely with law enforcement than Segrest's office did.

"You have to have a lot more coordination with law enforcement," Reyna said. "You've got to be able to coordinate or parallel the collection of evidence with the presentation of evidence in the court room."


Reyna, a private-practice criminal defense attorney, had raised concerns about the number of criminal cases being dropped by Segrest's office.. 


​The question now must be why so many mistakes? It's a fact I could have done a better job than Abel Reyna. I have no Law Degree and No Bar Exam papers. From the investigation all the way to the first trial in short order, not 3 years.


Something is not right in River City and the way everything has played out. There is something we are not seeing in play. Abel Reyna is now dismissing / dropping cases, the same thing he used defeat the Democratic candidate in 2010. You look back and nothing makes sense.


​We don't think it's the fact he's facing an FBI probe. His daddy will make sure a battery of Lawyers and Judges will attempt a fix. It's gotta be connected to the FBI case in San Antonio where Jarrett has been seen camping out. Could it be this whole fake arrest of 177 people and the first trial were the product of the Feds? Could it be Abel Reyna is nothing but a pawn?


Was the pace of the Feds too slow for a court system designed to bag 'em, tag 'em and put them away? Reyna was a frog in the fryin pan? There is a larger scheme at work here because everyone that had a part with Abel's case became blithering idiots on the stand. 

The methods of the FBI and Abel Reyna's side show are the same in many ways. Vilify and create hysteria around the courthouse with heavy security. We saw it in Fort Worth, Waco and now San Antonio.


They know the truth but forge ahead with one giant conspiracy narrative. Justice is not the goal, tying 1% Clubs like the Bandidos in a lawyer / Courtroom Merry-Go-Round is. If somebody gets convicted "hooray", if somebody get killed, oh well.  


Here's what we know. There was no conspiracy going on at Twinn Peaks outside the conversations the Law had with the Cossacks. Once again we've got to remind the smart DA that people that are being attacked have a right to defend themselves. A lesson he learned from the first trial but he and the Feds will ignore the peoples rights and keep on keepin on.. It's what the corrupt do.


​Actually the trial in San Antonio is not getting much press outside of SA..