We just watched a video May 18th 2017 CNN report where Sgt Swanton said they came here to kill people with violence in mind. He was responding to Bandido Jimmy's Grave's interview where he explained Bandidos / MC's are not gangs. The fact is what Mr. Graves said in the interview is true and if you had been to the Region 2 TCOCI rally this last weekend you would have heard those exact words, if your Club has a guy dealing drugs, using heavy drugs like heroin, meth. get rid of them. The same goes for theft.


Not only does Sgt Swanton show his ignorance about modern Motorcyclist and Clubs the DPS doesn't fair much better. Matter of fact they are worse since what Sargent Swanton regurgitated came from the DPS.  The CNN reporter was waving around a version of the DPS gang assessment report . It was probably another cut & paste job from years gone by. There is so little real data, DPS depends on innuendos and lies from decades ago. They struggle to Label the Bandidos or any other Club in Texas a tier 2 gang (low level). Common sense tells you Bikers are not in the news every night for drugs, sex slaves, human trafficking and major drug busts. 


It's our guess that those Clubs who want to publicly fight will be joining each other in the lawyers lounge. Law Enforcement will try to brand you as a gang member, will vilify you, arrest you, steal your home, your bike, your family, your life. You had better have deep pockets and the ability to raise cash legitimately. Please think about it before trying to push up on another Club.


Of course when you hear Sgt Swanton talk you realize the common sense part of his brain has left the building. To this day he will tell you everyone at Twinn Peaks was there to commit crimes and murder. The Christian man knows this is a lie because they didn't arrest everybody, like Veterans, Motorcycle Ministries and some 1%  that were members of the TXCOCI were let go the night of.  So they know there were innocent people that had legitimate reason to be there for a TXCOCI political meeting, those men & women got caught up in Able Reyna's big dick moment when he stole the investigation from a weak kneed police department. Never say TXCOCI is not legitimate political organization because we have the data to back it up.  


Wait a minute! The innocent not involved in the parking lot fight were arrested because of what they might be wearing and who they associate with within the TXCOCI. That's some sick shit Able Reyna!


Of course Swaton always says it all could have been prevented if Twinn Peaks had just cooperated. He doesn't tell you about Waco PD's  Big Fails does he?


#1 Is they failed to call the organizers of the event to let them know of their concerns. He said they had been monitoring the Clubs for months. Sounds like there is no excuse they had plenty of time to call all parties involved. We assume they can afford phones. Waco PD and other Law Enforcement Officers knew where the organizers live since they are local plumbing contractors. 


#2 Swanton said they came in started fightin and shootin knowing we were there. Wait a minute! Just who knew that? Plain sight hey, Waco PD and crew were in hiding for an ambush. We know a call was made by an organizer to a Law Enforcement officer who ignored the call because he was onsite. 


Oh, that's right Waco PD dropped by and had a friendly chat with the Cossack's leadership. Did Waco PD tell them they would be at TP with weapons of mass destruction? Did they say don't start any crap or we'll kill you? Good lord somebody give them all a hint.


Common sense tells us plain sight in the parking lot is a large presence of police officers. If you think there is going to be trouble in a busy shopping area you don't freakin hide to collect data, you act like the front line guys you say you are Swanton. We've already said common sense had left the building, but you would think at least one would figure it out.  


More to come...