Is Donald Trump set to run the tables, Including the democratic table in November?


If he is its the fault of both the democratic and republican leadership. Its plain to see the American people have had it with "them all", even the ones that might seem good and are well liked. Many politicians have overstayed their welcome with a system rigged to keep them in place with immunity from the law.


For decades they've ignored the voice of the people and built themselves empires and a good ole boy network that protects them from the people. The Clintons are a prime example of corruption, lies and deceit that goes unchecked...


​For the last 40 years both parties have had chances to put the country back on the right track, but greed, corruption & do nothing politics as usual gets in the way. We find ourselves a debtor nation who's politicians are trying to spend our way out, a nation that can no longer protect itself from danger at home or abroad. A president that has become a dictator in thief and a muslim terrorist sympathizer.


In Steps Donald Trump!


Brash, bold, unafraid of the media or anyone else. Anyone hits him he hits them back with a vengeance. He's caught the attention of those who are sick of it all and are sick of seeing their country turned into a wussy nation through political correctness and a socialist slide. Tired of the people being disrespected by by cowards and thieves.


​Donald Trump is upsetting the apple cart and people are loving it, even in Texas where Cruz has lost steam do to an out of control staff who does not listen. 


​Up to this point I have been a Cruz supporter, I'm beginning to think he might be better in the Senate for at least another term helping Trump Make America Great Again.


​What a slogan, its caught the imagination of the people, the imagination of what our country once was. Trump is a businessman and a salesman. So far many people are buying it and many of those folks are on the left side of the equation. 


Just a thought, I haven't made up my mind but super tuesday is just 5 days away. This should be interesting to say the least.. 


Just imagine!