What do ya do when you know the fix is in, when you know the judges in Mclennan County are working together and outside of the Constitution. Where does the chain break when the evidence of innocents is overwhelming and the evidence of guilt is weak and full of lies?


Such is the case with Paul Landers a board member of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and chairman of its legislative task force a grass-roots political movement. We know this is true because we've walked the halls of the State in efforts to support the Bills put forward on motorcycle safety issues.


We met with Congressman, State Senators & State Reps. They've come to events to speak before the National Coalition of Motorcyclist Paul and many other Legislative task force members were there for the specific purpose of reporting on recent success of legislative and motorcycle safety issues which Texas Biker Radio is in support of.


Judge Ralph Strother is the latest to put on his Good Ole Boy blinders to ignore the truth of it all. Not everyone at Twinn Peaks on May 17th 2015 was there to commit crimes and murder if any. The only group that was there for crimes and murder were hiding in the shadows using sketchy information found on the internet and under cover agents fanning the flames of it all. In pretrial they say I saw them do nothing, but they were wearing a patch.


They have decided that prosecuting all 188 over what they were wearing and who they might associate with. Some Bikers may be guilty to bad for them. But the Judicial system is disregarding the fact that more law enforcement officers and public officials are guilty of many of the same crimes and worse on a scale of epic proportions.


Using their logic if multiple law enforce officers commit any crimes all would be guilty because of the color of uniforms, badges, patches, support groups and associations. Shit! Who's the real Outlaw Gang?


Of course this would not happen because they ar all part of the Outlaw Public Officials OPO"s network..  


So what are we to do? ---- Tell the truth!!!! 

2015 US Defenders Legislaative Day from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Proclamations 2015 from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.