Ya know I tend to keep my thoughts about law enforcement and other such actions quiet but I’ll say this and it actually started Friday night when I left work and stopped on 35 in Fort Worth for gas on my way home and saw many tactical officers staging at the fuel place I was at. I was inside checking out and one looked at me and asked are you from here I said nope I live in east Texas just here working. He then said to me I wouldn’t visit the stockyards this weekend the Mongols are in town and they are becoming a pain in my ass. I asked with a serious look on my face how are they a pain in the ass? He then went on to comment well I’ll say this they think they own this town but by the end of the weekend they will see we own this town. I was like oh I thought tax payers and businesses own the town. He laughed when I said that then his partner nudged him and immediately looked at my arms I guess all the ink made me look like a gang member. But then I realized it’s probably a couple distinct tatts I have that caused the awkward silence lol. I then commented as I turned to walk away and these were my word” I bet if it were a LE club or iron order they would get a parade ! “ the look I got was bone chilling but I felt some sense of pride I’ll admit.

So today I saw the video of how Fort Worth Police department totally harassed the Mongols, Vagos, and Winos Crew at Wilson's Leather in the stockyards and was just disgusted.


I personally know Jeff Wilson and can say he’s a true friend. The man runs a respectable establishment and does some of the best work I’ve ever seen. I drive 3 hours on purpose cause he’s the only person I trust to do it correct the first time and his work last.


The knowledge of knowing that the law enforcement profiled and called anyone that day that wears a MC patch a gang is profiling. Maybe they need to go back to school learn the history of the MC culture and see mainly it’s comprised and was started by vets who returned home from war and needed the sense of family to adapt to civilian life again.


I’ll admit for many years I was in a MC for years and still love my Green & White family and still hold them close to my heart. I also have others I proudly call brothers In other clubs because of the bond and trust we earned from one another over the years.


The MC filled a void when I needed family and a sense of worth and a place where I needed to feel needed and wanted and loved. Many days I give thanks to god for the experience I gained and knowing they all made and still make my life better. Tell you the truth I’d go to many of them not just my old club if I had a problem cause I know they would put me and my family as a priority to help whatever our problem was. Like I said MC life is a brotherhood and family. Trust me personally I know that the outside world is way more dangerous and even the 1% world handles thing internally and law enforcement needs to focus on the real dangers out there and it’s not clubs.

Perfect example my beautiful daughter who is our only girl is Type 1 diabetic and if anyone knows about this they know there is no cure. I never saw anyone step forward to help her when we needed it the most but guess what! The Boozefighters MC sure did and they held a huge fundraiser and with the money my daughter lives better today cause what insurance companies wouldn’t do they did. They raised enough money it bought her a pump and an artificial pancreas and paid for one year of the supplies. Because of them my daughter lives!!

In conclusion and I send out an apology for this long post but Dallas Fort Worth PD you need to use our tax dollars for the real problems in the Metroplex and not be flexing your muscle to prove you own the area cause remember the Metroplex is owned by its citizens and you just showed everyone of anyone is a gang you just acted like the biggest one.


You bullied people and I ask do you feel better? You wonder why there is a negative image on law enforcement and a lack of respect. Well you just showed everyone the reason why. “ Quit being the neighborhood bully! “