On Tomorrow's podcast (Sunday Dec. 6th) an update on this week's events"Time TBA". Including A Stop The Steal Rally we are attending today in Dallas. One thing is for sure there is enough evidence that the Nov 3rd election was compromised across the Nation and it's growing by the day. Especially swing states.

Party elites state,federal, the deep state and the mainstream media who's owned by big tech execs have circled the wagons in an all out effort of omission, outright lies of conspiracy theories by the Presidents lawyers and Americans citizens who have come forward under oath.. Eye witnesses to a massive fraud. That's not a theory..


The question is what are election officials afraid of? Criminal charges? Why are they stalling audits? Why do they want to do the one's who claimed to be auditing do it in secret? Why do they not want an outside source to inspect dominion voting machine? Where are they and have they been tampered with since Nov 3rd? 


As more and more evidence comes forward from citizens across the country we feel the state governments should be open and transparent, not hiding and fighting evidence with a battery of lawyers. The law in this country must take action rather than sit on top it, in growing numbers the people will demand it as faith in free and fair elections is diminishing rapidly. Many of the politicians in office now will find the rath come at them from the American people..


Tomorrow Sunday Dec. 6th 1000 keyboard warriors (If you haven't joined do so now) fires another salvo across the bow of the attorney general, FBI and a few other entities that are supposed to be protecting our country from foreign and domestic terrorist and if what we are seeing doesnt fit the bill, what does?