Texas Biker Radio News:  


Leon Valley TX:  We are late getting into this story but it seems the  Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio was accused of cheating on a Captains exam is ready to take things to the next level despite the Constitutional rights of Leon Valley's citizens. 


San Antonio Police Lieutenant Joseph Salvaggio vs The City of San Antonio


​All the commotion in Leon Valley is not over his cheating on a test. He was caught taking exam material outside of the testing room. Then  reinstatement 4 years later by Union Arbitration. We know how honest those are, right? 


Earlier this year, a so-called First Amendment auditor started wandering through the Leon Valley police station, video-recording what he could see. At some point, he ended up in a restricted area of the department, was confronted by the chief, Joseph P. Salvaggio, and asked to leave. Instead of leaving, the auditor, Jesus Padilla, went off on the chief and ended up being arrested.


Here Come Da Auditors In Protest:


​There is a group called 1st Amendment Auditors (new to us) that's putting Leon Valley to the test. The heavy handed Police Chief is determined to violate the Constitutional rights of the people because he is pissed. His address was published while the people were live streaming outside the Police Department / City Hall.


At midnight the Chiefy sends out swat to Auditor Jack Millers house. Turns out Ole Jack showed up to the protest wearing a non functional rubber gun to City Hall (not sure he went in). We're not sure what he was smoking? It was posted no gun or concealed guns. The Police should have dealt with that on scene but as you can see in the videos there is no rocket scientists present at City Hall. 


In the video it looks like a small protest is going on with some media present. The Chief has everyone outside the building arrested and camera's, phones confiscated as perpetrators or witnesses to a crime. Sound familiar? There is also another video that shows an off duty cop confronting in a threatening manor an Auditor who was across the street, trying to get information about friends and a confiscated phone they gave him no receipt for.   


No matter what the Chief might think the people streaming are not responsible for what some one might post in the chat room provided by youtube.  That individual or Youtube is if it's against the law. But we doubt Leon County has the funds to fight Youtube and the battery of lawyers they might send. 


We would think most of the people that are standing outside the building had no clue the police Chiefs address was posted, therefore they are not witnesses to a crime taking place because they can't see it.   


Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio claimed the protesters were the cause of the crime. Using that logic the BLM and Democrats across the Nation should be in jail for suggesting murder and attacks on a daily basis, can you say Maxine Waters? 


We'll keep an eye on the situation to see if help is needed because clearly Constitutional Rights have been violated.. No matter how pissed the Chief and his officers might be or get the people have the right to protest and seek redress within the law. 


Public Perception will not be kind to Leon Valley and a Heavy Handed Police Chief and Officers who follow suit. 


  Its Not the Next Civil War: 


 William Joseph Walsh, is a former congressman. He served one term in the United States House of Representatives for Illinois' 8th congressional district. he has been into the belly of the beast. He is now a Radio Talk show host on WBAP. 


It was about 5 years ago when Ted Cruz told me. Mel, forget Washington DC it's broken, concentrate local and State.


 Former Congressman Joe Walsh has them same message and worse. It's not that the next Civil War may happen in the near future. We are in it now and it's a red and blue war! He said the only thing is it's not a shootin war yet. 

To that we disagree, shots have been fired as the flames of racism have been fanned by the blue state members. We have  irreconcilable differences that cannot be overcome. The United States is No Longer Untied, the split is inevitable as States like California seeks secession. 


​The first victims were local police officers as the federal government has been infiltrated by the blue left. The DOJ and FBI are proof. 


We think it should happen sooner than later so the blue states don't drag the rest of the country down into a financial hell. They want to be like Europe that's being overrun by immigrants. be our guest. 


Fusion Or Confusion Centers:


Since we found out law suits have been filed by Northwestern University's MacArthur Justice Center and other groups over Chicago's Gang Data Bases that are full of erroneous and just plain wrong information. It made us wonder just what's going on in Texas. 


We already know the Data is gathered by biased Law Enforcement Officers because of their training. Some are just ignorant of the facts. How do you make a decision on someone you do not really know based on a tattoo, patch, club? We've pointed out there are good and bad people everywhere including law enforcement who seem to have more than their share. In the case of Motorcycle Riders we feel it's an extension of Motorcycle Profiling that runs rampant across Texas and the country. We also figured out you don't have to be actually be riding a Bike to be profiled. You can be standing in a City Council meeting as we saw in White Settlement Texas.


As tax payers we think we have the right to knows just what and who's in these Data Bases / Fusion Centers. Since the Data is collected by biased individuals who have shown they are not always honest in their assessment of people. We feel there is the potential that the system is so flawed it's worthless and dangerous for those that have found themselves on a list without ever committing or being convicted of a crime. 


To have data collected on you for what colors and patches you might wear, who you ride with, what club you belong to, who you associate with, color of your skin is wrong and Unconstitutional. Texas Law Enforcement is very secretive about the Data they collect through a system hide from public scrutiny. Just where all this Data goes and how many centers or organizations there are is unclear. 


Last but not least who has oversight on this secretive mess we pay for? 


At some point when we have a clear path we might ask you to participate in our investigation, just maybe we should follow suit, hey!