We have a message for Ukraine finish the job! The kersh Bridge attack was partially successful. The rail road bridge is untouched and now is the time to finish the job. Right now the bridge is vulnerable. Attack, attack, attack before squishy NATO members through you under the bus,


The Kersh bridge is a legitimate target, it's a main pipeline to of supply for Russian troops and sea ports in Crimea. Anyone traveling on those bridges are risking their lives and they know it's a target.  Crimea is now a fortress and they know it. The war hasn't really come to Russia and the citizens have a false sense of security. They will soon know it when the Russian youth does not return home, lives are being wasted.

Videos have already been scrubbed by media hubs around the world. People should see the results of Putins war whether it's Russians or Ukrainian citizens. round 3am  in the morning a Russian girl was thrown half way through the front window of a car, 2 others reported dead if you can believe Russian media propaganda. 


Ukraine drone boats are suspected of the hit on Putins pride & joy the Kersh Bridge. It's nothing more than a remote controlled jet ski. The need now is a more stealthy and quieter model that can operate as a attack group. After all during the 4th of July we saw hundreds of drones operating together in the nights sky. Surely there are some college nerds that can be hired to build the programs and design boats.


It's in our view this bridge needs to be destroyed to the point it would take a decade to rebuild, like a dam maybe? A task to be done before NATO turns on you.


Already some mil bloggers are whining about 2 civilian deaths from the Kersh bridge attack, take in consideration over 9,100 Ukrainian civilians murdered by Russian troops and missle strikes. Not a single Russian child has been kidnapped unlike Ukrainian children.


Just Sayin...