Police Review Boards are going to be all the rage in Cities, States that have Police Officers who murder the innocent and have an abundance of bullies. Because of mandated Motorcycle Profiling to fill Gang Databases and the dangers to the Motorcycle Riding Public we should be on these Police Review Boards. We are a diverse group as a whole. 


Its for these reasons we will explore the possibilities of our inclusion. We have a unique perspective. Our experiences has shown us the plight of Blacks when it comes to the misbehavior of Law Enforcement (LE). In too many cases the more specialized an Officer Becomes the more Danger he or she might be.


Its interesting that the two cases of Murder by cop has been by rookies with a little over a year or two service. Somethings really wrong and our list of wrong is long. In the past the victim would have been vilified and the PO's would have feared for their lives and maybe get off scot free with judicial help. It still happens, but not in these particular cases because of body cams and other evidence to back them up. In our view these were not mistakes, it's embedded in Law Enforcements culture and training.


There is no shortage of examples from Motorcycle Profiling, harassment, jailed, charged for committing a crime we did not commit. The list runs on and on with Constitutional violations to boot. The potential for a mishap is very very high. Indoctrination and Police propaganda against Motorcyclist and Club members is at an all time high. 


We're working to prevent disasters from happening from false narratives & hype. Will report back soon. 


Mel "Popeye" Moss