ATF Agent On Dividians Bike
Its really kind of amazing that Indians can occupy federal buildings for 19 months, blacks can rob, burn down and destroy an entire city's economy. They can kill each other at will and it seems no one gives a damned and feds (OPO's) use kid gloves not to incite violence of those ethnic groups across the Nation..


Is it just me or when whites are involved Outlaw Public Officials (OPO's) go into killing mode. Kind of like Waco who wanted to make an example out of Bikers "9 dead" & Branch Dravidians (89 dead" where ATF (OPO's) wanted headlines.


The one thing in common with the occupiers is they were all dubbed militants by the OPO's and the media who carry's their bull shit bag. 


In response to Oregon, Nevada and other hot spots like Red River, Bolivar Island, Waco and Sandbranch  where the OPO's are targeting or throwing people off of their lands, we must create a public outcry bringing the public to our side.


We can tell you the average citizen across the country is not going to relate to a rancher that has 10,000 acres. What they do understand is a government at all levels out of control with  jack booted law enforcement to do their bidding and protect the empire of the rich and well connected. We see it everyday and they are ready and egger to show their power and new toys. This is what they train for. Don't fall into a trap..


Now is the time when unarmed people are being gunned down by Law Enforcement (OPO's) at every level. The people see it everyday and its not going to stop anytime soon. #1 is because of the training they get attack attack attack, kill kill kill. The Nation sees our local police forces have been militarized by the OPO's.


Understand the Constitution has been usurped, we must have certain safety measures that protect our protests built in, we must go around the OPO's and direct to the people...