McClennan County Courthouse  Wave 6: We see the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the land but that can be thrown out of the window when you have a corrupt system that can be manipulated through what we call judicial malpractice and political cronyism. 


​In Waco sending a message got in the way of guilt or innocent. Over the past 23 months we discovered Waco PD was actually trying to figure it out before Able Reyna and common sense got in the way. For 23 months and counting the innocent has suffered with excessive bail not required cruel and unusual punishment. Lets throw in the right to a fair and speedy trial. The list of Constitutional violations run on and on.


Bill Of Rights 1-10 How Many Have Been Violated 


​Every Law Enforcement, Judge, State Reps we've talked to about Waco / McClennan and the arrests of 177 people brings the same response "disbelief", "stupid", "Impossible"!


Impossible that 177 Americans could be guilty of the same crime for attending a political meeting. That's exactly what Able Reyna assumed about all Bikers in attendance on May 17th 2015. Like it or not political is exactly what COCI meetings are and have been for decades.


All For 1 Wave 6 - Now is the time for a Constitutional Rally on the McClennan County Court House Steps. Some innocent Bikers think they have been forgotten and old news. Able Reyna and company are banking on just that. It's our job to tell the world we have not forgotten and will not go away. Their message has been lost in a sea of lies, innuendos and one delay, one excuse after the other.

Credibility is now taking it's toll and

the Bills to come are mounting For McClennan County


Wave 6 once again gives us a chance to talk to the media face to face and point them to the truth of it all.







Texas Biker Radio 4-30-17 from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.