Senator Al Franken looking tired and wore out resigns under pressure from democrats and new allegations. In his final speech he was anything but apologetic and really accepted no blame. It was a speech made by a comedian who saw no harm in his antics with women.


The fact is he should have never been there in the first place because democrats helped steal an election. You've heard my co-host Mel OG Robins say many times Minnesota & Wisconsin is known for busing people to vote. Franken was the beneficiary of such tactics. Won by 312 votes..


Take note there is more to come when the list is made public of those who used a secret fund to payoff women who claimed sexual harassment by men serving in Congress and should we find out if the same kind of fund exists within the Senate. All funded by you & me.

The New Strategy


Where's Barrack Obama? He's close by leading from behind a new strategy. He must think the rope a dope strategy against Donald Trump has run it's course as democrats sit on their asses obstructing the Nations business. Democrats are now in attack mode against their own party members. Remember Rules For Radicals, never let a good crises go to waste and "grope gate" is perfect opportunity for this new strategy. 


Get rid of as many of the old guard as possible party doesn't matter. Of course Al Franken is not an old guard since he's a first term Senator, but he is a male & white. Note in the next election cycle there will be a new influx of democratic women candidates, many using grope gate as an issue. Women champions of women's causes and rights or so they want them to believe. 



Get Ready  - Obama II


Write this down now, Michelle Obama will be the next democratic candidate for President. They are already polling this. The Clinton's are being pushed out of the way, Obama is now in charge. Obstruction will continue as Obama's shadow government (he spent 8 yrs building) hounds Trump with unending investigations by special council.


Understand Obama leads a group of misfits every bit a bad as gangsters of old. Many behind them have Badges and Law Degrees in powerful government agencies with no ethics and no boundaries. Does any of this sound familiar?



​Democratic women can be every bit as bad and vulgar as the politicians (men) caught in this web. They have opened the gates and are victims of their own arrogance. But in the end it's not them that suffer, it's our Nation and its people who suffer at this never ending tug of war between the rich and well connected.



It's a fight of empires that we pay for through our own ignorance and apathy of government manipulation from top to bottom. God help our children..


Could it be for a brief moment we had hope a non politician could change the tide of corruption or are we destined to repeat and let the Nation slip into a socialist hell, lead by evil people.


Are we willing to let go our Constitution??