Before going live on Tuesday Night's podcast. I mentioned to OG about 2 different events where thousands of people had gathered. One was the Rangers Victory Parade where the media had estimates up to 700K, the other was Fort Worth's Parade of lights. I pointed out that both were vulnerable to attack.


Just think the entities that are supposed to be on the lookout are busy making sandwiches, passing out water, watching illegals pass on by without a word, yesterday we find out sky marshals are at the border and those that aren't are following Jan 6ers who weren't even at the capital, for 2 frickin years! UIt gets worse Biden admin is slowly phasing them out according to former head of the Marshal service. Can't make this shit up, what else do we not know?


I then told OG a small drone cannot be stopped, it's the ultimate weapon and can be used in so many ways. We then discussed when and how we should reveal and how to stay out of trouble with the government.


Days before I had posted hints with see something say something postings. Nov 22nd fox news using the same words we posted opened the can for us.


A DJI Mavis 3 sells for about $1800 new, used $1000 or less. Mavic is reported to have a payload of 9lbs or 4.5 kg. In the early stages of the war in Ukraine was the drone of choice and it did the job. It's reported that china who was selling drones to both sides of the conflict has since stopped selling to both. We're skeptical that's the truth.


​I the coming days and weeks we'll do some testing to see if we can duplicate and test. Demonstrate our theory with a store bought drone. You can pitch in and comment.