TBR April 1st 2016 


Earlier today Houston Attorney Paul Looney who's representing bikers caught up in the Waco police massacre at Twinn Peaks  sent out a press release through the Houston Chron that charges had been dropped for 44 bikers after a closed door meeting with Waco's DA Able Reyna.


Did the Chron do their due diligence in making sure this wasn't some silly headline - April fools joke?


We at TBR are certainly upset with all the dicking around by the DA in Waco who's made a career of ruining peoples lives, guilt or innocence is not the reason he takes his next breath.



Waco Trib: ​Reyna not really explaining himself on what was said behind closed doors now claims the story is not accurate. 


Just what was said in a closed door meeting that made Paul Looney think that charges had been dropped and time had simply ran out on the not so grand jury in Waco?


Waco Trib Update: 


We certainly welcome Paul Looney to come on our radio show at anytime for his side of the story? 


Message us anytime Paul at gunbarreltx@gmail.com or FB me