We've been pointing out for years that progressive people will complain to the progressives withing government who will intern use progressive bureaucrats to regulate every aspect of our lives. We've also pointed out they will eventually get around to motorcyclist in this country like they have in Europe.


Our freedoms as motorcyclist are being hacked away at daily. 


 In San Francisco they be bitchin about loud pipes, the SF Health Department has declared as a health hazard. "Yep", they cause loss of sleep, Hi Blood Pressure, Increased Heart Rate, Fatigue, Mood Disruption. Wow! So Now San Fran PD is having a loud pipe crack down on motorcycles and any other thing they can find to harass bikers in-particular.


I have in-laws in the area, back in the day I road raced at what use to be called Sears Point Raceway. Did some glider flying too. That being said there are those bicycle ridin, tree huggin, Prius drivin  enviro heads who collectively moan about everything, especially anything gas powered. 


The only thing that disturbs my mood is a bull shit ticket and maybe the ole lady at times. I'm really hard pressed to figure out the last time i knew anybody that got a ticket for loud pipes? 1962 maybe? Guys name was David Mangono drivin a 57 Ford with glass packs, but that's another story.


On top of loud pipes comes this!



Radio legendary posts a story in All For 1 about this new Facebook group  "Citizens Against Motorcyclists" according to its anonymous author, the page “is a grassroots social organization aimed at outlawing motorcycles and prosecuting those who engage in ‘biker’ culture. Join our cause and help us to rid the roadways of these savages!”


"Savages" WTF! 


It's shit like we described above that makes groups like the TXCOCI - COIR - US Defenders - Texas legislative Strike Force - All For 1 - Texas Biker Radio so important. These people are clearly misinformed and probably has connections with law enforcement, who tend to spew the same garbage word for word. 


We look forward to talking more about this on Texas Biker Radio #256 7/17/17 8PM cst.