Over 22 Thousand Toys Collected By Mansfield High Schools. Thats one Community along with a local TV Station Jumping on the Marine Corps Toys For Tots Program. Of course everybody is on the worthwhile program, schools, hospitals, police, fire departments, large corporations, small Businesses, Motorcyclist, MC's of all sorts.


We searched for just how many Toys are distributed in the DFW area. We've yet to find that number, but we did find that an estimated 7 million are distributed Nationwide each year.   According to the National Center For Children in Poverty there are  3,513,280 families with 7,003,545 children in Texas. To be considered poverty level is a family of 4 (two children) $48,678. Shit I'm retired and poor according to this. Trying to figure it out is mind boggling and probably the reason for the overkill in toys and generosity. We're not sure anyone knows what the real numbers are because government entities that benefit tend to inflate.


We all do it without question, buy Toys, give money. By all means take Toys straight to the distribution center, its impressive for sure. Thousands of Toys in Thousand out. Its interesting to follow from there and into the hands of the needy people. We're not sure they figure out who's who on the needy charts. There's nothing to keep one from Toy jumping from multiple distribution centers.


This Saturday 1% / MC's / Independents are participating in Toy Runs, Food Drives and Coats For Kids which really peaked our interests. The Red & Gold continues to fill a much needed void, this time in Parker County. I tend to lean towards these type events rather than the huge mega events. I think its more personal and really more local. Churches, Motorcycle Ministries work in our community year round. Thank you! 

If your Club or MM is filling a void outside of Toys we'd like to know about it, 1%, MC, whoever...