Like all cancers on our society it will spread if left untreated. Only in America could millionaires and college students feel oppressed, in the pic above many who could not afford college are on a free ride thanks to the country they live in. The government has all kinds of programs to make sure young people have a shot at college. Not everyone rises to the occasion. no matter what their ethnicity might be.


Most have no clue why the black community is in the shape its in or the root causes in many cities across our Nation. Its far from oppression as they will find out sooner or later. Part of the problems are students are taught disrespect at home and school, disrespect for the Law, Law Enforcement, the Constitution, the Country.


As all Bikers Know the get respect you have to "show respect".


We Veterans - American citizens who love and respect the country have rights too.


We have the right to walk out. 


We have the right to not participate at High School, College and NFL Football games.


We have the right as alumni to withhold donations.


We have the right to go after advertisers who condone bad behavior and disrespect.


We have the right to mount our own counter protest in support of our country.


We will do these things, clearly we all have better things to do than watch as our country is insulted by people who are decades away from oppression.