Dallas Texas Great Start:


The first week of the New Year and murder is in the air in North Texas. A child not yet two years old killed and 20 year old uncle wounded in a drive by shooting (deliberate). An 8 year old wounded on the far side of town, 5 shootings in one day.

Police Chief U. Reneé Hall who hails from Detroit and is anything but ROBO COP says she has a plan which includes more Frickin Databases. Take note, Chicago has Databases out the ying yang and it has nothing to slow the killing spree up there. Why on earth would it work here? What happens with Databases are the tendencies for mission creep. But right now the heat is on, do anything even if it's wrong. Throw money, manpower to save face is the name of the game for them. 


Case & Point the Governor authorizes the DPS to help out short handed police in Dallas. Two DPS Officers get assigned South Dallas. A traffic stop for failing to signal ends with the driver shot 16 times......  Now the DPS is refusing access to videos of the incident, claimed the driver had a gun but did not say it had been fired at the scene. Was it the fat two DPS Officers were out of their element that cause an over reaction to the situation?  


Criminals in North Texas has the upper hand as Law Enforcement is in chaos making all the wrong moves and targeting innocent people. Drugs and liberal politics have poisoned our society. There is no real effort to end it as our government is corrupt as hell...  

Milam County Texas:


The following information was taken from First Amendment Audits Videos which have been taken down. We're working to find out why?


First Amendment Audits (FAA), A first amendment audit is when someone goes to a place where they can legally be and records the results. We haven't a clue of what prompted Patrick Roth of the FAA to go to the Milam County Courthouse? But on Dec. 28th on a Saturday he walked in and found no one home. Not surprising huh!


So Mr Roth looks around for someone in Office in what's a real sleepy little town where one black guy roams the streets because the city that loves thy neighbor destroyed his home according to the bailiff. The only office that showed a sign of life was the tax office so Mr Roth mosey's on over goes in and starts videoing. Now these folks are not use to seeing anyone from outside the norm. Panic set in literally, as they push a panic button that calls the law. It reminiscent of Alice's Restaurant all  over minus helicopters and 8 x 10 glossy pictures. The Police Department,Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, Ambulance and one Black Man Downtown without a home shows up. 


The High Sheriff Chris White steps in grabs Mr Roth's phone and checks out the video he just took in the tax office, mean while Mr Roth's companion Serena on the scene notifies the First Amendments Audits Network whats going down. This sets off more youtube podcasts that actually calls the Sheriffs Department.  When they are finally able to talk to the High Sheriff who's bigger than Dallas. They ask what is Mr Roth being charged with? The answer is typical, I'll get with the Judge in the morning and figure it out. We're certainly hopeful the FAA recorded that conversation since they jailed Mr Roth without due process.


For years we've been exposing the collusion between LE, DA's & Judges. The Big Daddy Sheriff in Milan County has showed us the perfect example if that's what went down in Milam County . Our best guess is the Sheriff is not the brightest bulb in the room and needs help doing his job and maybe a course in Constitutional Rights of the people? 


Note: We have no beef with the Milam County Sheriff Department who honored our Constitutional Rights to Rally In Front of The Courthouse. Their Deputies treated us with respect deserved by every American Citizen. 


SEE VIDEO IF IT COMES BACK UP  https://youtu.be/yBpqW1GRdfw

Iranians Fire Missiles 


From our view we've been in proxy wars with Iran since 1979. We think it time we end it now.  But that's not going to happen because Trump has said it's time to get out, not escalate. Somehow this ends as the media works to undermine the thought of dealing a final blow on Iran. The media is ready to run and work to undermine, just as they did in Viet Nam. 


Understand, we are at war with Islam and if you haven't noticed who's in charge in Iran your kidding yourself. Your grand kids will be fighting these same ruthlesspeople decades from now..