Don't buy what the media is selling


It ain't over. They want us to believe, republicans gained seats in the house, they maintain senate control and yet they claim the people rejected Donald Trump.


Something is not right and fox news should not project Joe Biden as the winner with all the irregularities we see in voting, especially in democratic states where voting was stopped and now endless counting of mail in ballots. 


Democrats are taking to the streets with every vote counts,


The Silent Majority had better find their voice, we should take to the streets to save our Constitution and way of life.

It looks as if the democrats, msm, big tech are in line to pull off the biggest election day Coup d'état in history. It took 4 years of non stop bashing of Donald J Trump.


The election of Joe Biden will put us in unknown territory, everyone knows he's not the guy in charge and will not finish his term in office. Unlike Trump we know deals have been made and corruption on a scale we never seen will follow. Where's Hunter? That answer is now easy, he's free to run around the world selling access.  


Party elites could not stand the fact an outsider who was not beholding to them was actually working for the people of this country. In other words President Trump was not in on the game and would not take part in their get rich quick schemes. 


This election was more about personality and not policies that are good for the country. It's obvious to us half the country did "zero" due diligence. We had and still do have the worlds #1 economy in spite of covid and media hysteria over it all.


The question is how long will it take to rip the #1 economy to shreds with pie in the sky schemes by the crazies in the democratic party. The crazies think they are in charge, we have emboldened them to no end. 


Stand-by For Heavy Seas - Popeye 


 The Senate


As of right now Republicans still have the majority lead in the Senate, we're going to need it during the days and months ahead. It's the only way to slow down the disasters we see ahead. Any run offs are crucial to maintaining control in the Senate.

 Our work is not done and getting the vote back out is crucial.


Work it Out vs Shock & Awe 



During his campaign Joe Biden said he would work it out. To this point he was talking about fossil fuels and fracking. That's a disaster for an oil based economy and an industry that provides billions in tax revenues. The crazy minions behind Joe Biden are not going to be satisfied with work it out, the want a shock & awe wave of change. Damned the economy, damned the people, damned the Constitution.

In the 60's 


When President kennedy was elected the democratic party was considered the party of the working man. That is no longer the case, the parties have switched roles.


The republican party stands as the sole protectors of the Constitution, working men and women in this country. It's a role President Trump embraced and has shown the way for all republicans to embrace.


Democrats are the party of greed, corruption, corporatism, immigrants, criminals, Americans last and the list runs on and on.


We Must Organize