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Outlaw Public Officials, how many times do we see them circle the wagons in an effort to protect each other. We see it everyday, literally get away with cover ups, crimes of all kinds including murder. There is close to zero accountability across the Nation and to the highest offices in the land.


Waco - Baylor U


Its taken months for the cover up to unravel at Baylor U, Internal investigation was ok, but there is still a hell of a lot more questions. #1. lets name everyone that was involved in Good Ole Boy Country. Not only was there cover up there was reported retaliation against at least one of the accusers and probably more. Some have probably received a payday. 


The report found a complete failure by the Starr administration “to identify and train responsible employees under Title IX.” The “overwhelming majority of cases did not move forward to an adjudicative hearing, with only an extremely limited number of cases resulting in a finding of responsibility or significant sanction.”

The response wasn’t just passive to complaints but actively hostile to some.


“Actions by a University administrator within [Baylor University Police Department] and an administrator within an academic program contributed to, and in some instances, accommodated or created a hostile environment, rather than taking action to eliminate a hostile environment,” the report said vaguely but chillingly..


Question? Where have we seen the failure to eliminate a hostile environment?  Why is Ken Starr still there? 


Does this sound familiar? The Baylor football team and athletics department were singled out for acting as a rogue state within the university, beholden to its own laws. Sounds a lot like Six Shooter Junction to Us..


​Waco PD, Baylor University PD heads including any and all investigating officers should all be fired and fired now! They made efforts to protect Baylor's football program. What they've done so far is clearly not enough. Ken Star should be gone, gone, gone, this happened on his watch, Honorable men and women do not take part in such things as rape and yes we are saying the University and the law took part and continued to rape the victims.




Five months after he left Boise State, Ukwuachu raped a female soccer player at Baylor. (Ukwuachu was convicted of sexual assault against the woman in 2015.) Even after Ukwuachu was indicted in the assault, he was allowed to continue “conditioning work” with the team, the magazine reported. Briles told the media he was allowed only to participate in that capacity because he was having “some issues.”

Baylor settled with Ukwuachu’s victim after his criminal trial for an undisclosed sum.


Tevin Elliot - Shawn Oakman

In two other publicly known incidents involving Baylor football, linebacker Tevin Elliott was convicted of two counts of sexual assault in 2014 and defensive end Shawn Oakman was arrested last month on a sexual-assault charge. Elliott was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Jasmin Hernandez, the victim in Elliott’s case, filed a suit against the school last month alleging Baylor officials showed “indifference” when she tried to report her assault.


​Baylor U Shocked - HUH!

“We were horrified by the extent of these acts of sexual violence on our campus,” Richard Willis, chair of the board of regents, said Thursday. “This investigation revealed the University’s mishandling of reports in what should have been a supportive, responsive and caring environment for students.”



This fits right in with the young ladies that told us that Waco PD Officers would pull them over and harass them for phone numbers and favors. We asked why don't you file a complaint, the answer was we have to live there.


The fear of the heavy handed law in Waco is real.




The silence about Waco PD is deafening, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman (above) has made himself a career in protecting officers gone rogue, in this case the cover up at BU, on top of that accusing the innocent Bikers, denying due process, constitutional rights (Twinn Peaks} and the continued cover up of law enforcement's actions..


The law is what they want it to be in Waco, look the other way for groups you like, kill those you don't. There are different ways of killing and destroying lives, we've seen it all in Waco..


Now my question is was the Waco Tribune complicit? They should be calling for people to be fired and held accountable for their actions and non actions..


Stroman, "We're going to make an example of them all"... What about him?


Call in the Fixer Uppers they need a rebuild..


Respect, MM