​It was more than disturbing to see the way the Waco GOP handled the Sheriffs candidates forum. It was a virtual love fest with the GOP County Chair seeing nobody got out of line. But the most disturbing part was the question and answer session that went to a back room where the candidates were no longer in front of the public and media cameras who folded up shop in the main room. 


​Fielding questions from family members, friends and co workers ain't gonna cut it in Texas. I think liberals and conservatives like me have seen enough of establishment gerrymandering by both parties to the point we're sick of it.


We left with no clue on of their views on issue like the 2nd Amendment, open carry, militarized policing/equipment, who are their contributors, the Constitution , the right to due process, for profit jails, confiscation laws that causes more corruption by the law than many of the criminals they jail, that's just to name a few. The public should see and hear them answer or dodge these important questions.


I couldn't even get answers from Sgt Swanton on Biker issues outside of Twinn Peaks. Hiding behind a gag order on a single trial does not cut it. He knows that's a lie.


Of course he sees me as a biker not form Waco, but my question was simple, since I'm in Waco 2-3 times a month for Texas Biker Radio and US Defenders business. Like it or not we do work Motorcycle Safety Legislation issues in the State Capital and will continue to do so.


The question was "as a biker would I be safe in Waco under his regime"?


The public deserves answers. Not in a campaign release or a GOP controlled forum full of look at me BS. Thank God Willie didn't babble for 15 minutes.  


I've also got news for the Waco GOP leadership. Those people that cared enough to be there, didn't deserve the heat put on the candidates to hurry things up for a football game, ridiculous!


Someone in Waco needs to step up. A proper debate or town hall is needed before you elect a candidate you have no real clue about. Campaign literature is nothing but deceit on paper. 


Beware the Wolf..