Don't ever think that Motorcycle Profiling is just 1% Clubs. Listen up! We had a group of Sons Of Liberty Riders MC associates (5) come up from Houston to attend our Legislative Strike Force meeting on Sunday September 24th.


They stayed in a hotel near in the metroplex (we'll find out what city). On Sunday morning they walked out of the motel and there police officers profiling their Bikes that had no support emblems of any kind. They went out to the Law Officers in shock and it got worse when the law officers said they just wanted to know who was in town, Bandidos  and such. We have a few questions after learning this because it goes beyond 1% as we expected it to.


​#1) They were so surprised they forgot to break out the cameras. Please even if you think it's nothing. "video video video". 


#2) Has anyone else experienced this outside of a large group meeting?


#3) Are the Laws now taking data on any Bike they come in contact with for the DPS Fusions Centers?


#4) It makes us wonder how many times this happens and we don't know about it?


Watch for update 9/25/17