We are calling Able Reyna Out!



First trials set for April is nothing but Bull Shit. When first trials happen it will be cases they think they have a shot at winning. Look for more anti Biker propaganda right before the trials begin and in particular against the Bandidos who's been in the cross hairs of the State & Feds like forever. Without much success and millions of dollars wasted on fictitious or petty low level crimes. 


The reason for cases they think they can win is, to have a little momentum for public consumption, "Mean ole Bikers" criminals all. There's no doubt some Biker are in trouble if involved in the parking lot fight or if they were seen with a illegal weapons on video or a long list of run ins with the law, that being said we do live in Texas. You have the right to defend yourself without being shot in the back by a hyped up law enforcement.



Not One Video Showe A Biker With A Rifle In Twnn Peaks
Not One Video Showed A Biker With A Rifle Inside Twnn Peaks


Many of the reported 1000 no 700 no 300, no we're not sure, we're not sure how many were not weapons at all.


Many weapons displayed included boots (2ea), a Bandido plaque (for effect), Bandido vest, screw drivers, pipe wrenches, actual pipes and guns that were confiscated from locked vehicles and were legal per state law. Somehow they overlooked that part. We're not sure anyone has ever been killed or wounded by a vest.  


The weapons count fiasco made them look like fools, it had us and the media finally asking questions of LE's narrative. Caught in a web of lies. 



We did just that wave after wave in front of the Court House and the world.


All of that being said, here comes the 2017 85th Texas Legislature along with Anti Motorcycle Profiling Bills, Asset forfeiture Bills, Dead Red Light and Lane Splitting. In many ways LE owns our Legislators, lobbyists 24/7 and a bunch of cash into campaign coffers. You might be surprised how little it takes to buy a friend. 



Without Funds to throw around.


Bikers who work in The Texas Legislative Strike Force work tirelessly seeking support for Bills on motorcycle related issues, many members come from all kinds of Clubs including 1%. Those of us who worked with TXDOT had no problems being accepted. 



Motorcycle Legislative Day on the State Capital's South Steps is January 23rd. We need thousands of Bikers visiting their Legislators expressing their concerns including concerns about the violation of Bikers Constitutional Rights in Waco. 13 years worth of trials in a rigged judicial system that's dragging it's feet to make an example out of the innocent is what communist / dictator style governments do. 


Have you ever seen a DA that worried about anything but convictions numbers, innocent guilty makes no difference, just give me a grand jury, a court room I can rig is the order of the day in Waco and across Texas.



You can make no doubt All For 1, Sons Of Liberty Riders MC, Texas Biker Radio, Clubs Independents from all over Texas, including those that live in and around Waco will be back in front of the McClennan County Court House to battle the vilification that's to come. The innuendos, lies and half truths and the downright meanness against the citizenry that's (anyone they can vilify) plaguing our law enforcement, the judicial system and the main stream media nationwide has been exposed.



​We come armed with nothing but the Constitution and truth, we know who we are...


Truth and what's right has been lost in an out of control system that's full of themselves, cronies, crooks and thieves worse than any gang they might incarcerate or try.


It's truly laws for us and laws for them.. 






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