Who Shot Who in Waco? The fact is after what we've seen over the last few years can we trust what anyone is telling us, whether it be a politicians or the police.


This is so hard for us since we have been supportive of our police officers who've been attacked and killed (assassinated) all across the country. Most of that was due to attacks on them by politicians who fanned the flames of racism. We have their backs.


That being said the media is running wild and in our view they will do anything to take the focus away from themselves. Before this what was in the news? Ferguson, Baltimore, police abuses, profiling, ISIS crossing the border, a lying media, a lying government. 


​172 are now charged with being engaged with organized crime, many for just for being there. Many of those club members never thought their day would end that way for attending a meeting.


As my co-host on Texas Biker Radio said this is a reach to bring in a federal law like the rico act.


Everything right now is speculation, what we do know this is a tragedy with a lose of like, whether it be a black kid, police officer or biker. We should never paint anyone with a broad brush. As we all know there are bad elements in all segments of our society, just look in the news outside of Waco.


We're not sure its fair to say this is Twinn Peaks fault, they were really violating no laws as it pertains to their liquor license at the time. They may have felt safe with a police presence outside the building, a false sense of security.


Now the crowing of on police officer has cost the owners their franchise license and has cost workers their jobs..  There are thousands of Bike nights all across the Nation. An incident like this in a public place is very very rare.. 


This is bad for everyone all the way around, but the one thing we cannot do in the motorcycling community is give up and be run over. There are way more good guys than bad ...