When we think of crossroads one that comes to our mind is in the movie Castaway. Witch direction do I take?

A road into the unknown not knowing who's really in charge, what their plans really are, just who do they represent? Meaning themselves, party, socialist groups, corporations, foreign governments? Its a road that wants to control every part of your life, what you drive, what you eat, what you drink, what healthcare you may receive, higher taxes, higher fuel cost, fewer jobs. 


A road that promises the moon but never ever really delivers as advertise. If you take this road the country will be flooded with illegal immigrants to ensure a one party system, "you are now a slave" to the system... jobs once again moves offshore.

Or do you take the road you've known the last 4 years, America and American  workers 1st, bring jobs back to America, which means more job choices, prosperity for all ethnic groups, safety in our cities across the country, lower taxes, better health insurance through competition, help for minority communities, lower taxes, lower fuel costs, taking on crooked politicians and the deep state.


The other two roads lead to nowhere, on those roads mean you do not participate, you ignore the process, whatever happens, happens. You feel you have no choice in the matter. Many feel that way, we've heard it again and again. The truth is you have a choice and are taking one of the two roads....."good luck"