2017 The Good


The Mistrial: Looking at it from a Texas Bikers perspective it has to be the mistrial of Bandido Jake Carrizal. McLennan County DA Abel Reyna fumbled the ball in so many different ways that a jury wasn't about to buy the false narrative being presented to them. #1 a Texas jury is "Never" going to believe you don't have a right to protect yourself from attack, no matter who you might be. Figure the rest of it out Abel!


Jury Of the Year: Has to be the McLennan County Jury that sat and listened for a month as the DA continued to hide evidence important to the defense of Jake Carrizal. They heard an age old story dating back to 1947 about Biker Gangs. Very little was true back then and very little is true today. Jury was not buying it.


2017 Biker Of The Year: Bandido Jake Carrizal was his own best witness. His testimony won him the First Annual Texas Biker Radio 'Biker Of The Year Award". The values he expressed under oath was the deciding factor, not just being a Bandido. He owned who he was, unapologetic, unafraid, spoke of professionalism, pride, club, family, honesty. All of it in the face of tyranny.


All For 1 Facebook: A special thanks to what we call the MOB at All For 1. For the great job of covering the trial. Jim Parks (Radio Legendary)  minute by minute reporting from the courthouse was incredible. The digging for truth in a corrupt system such as McLennan County is relentless as it should be for all investigative Journalist.   


Toy - Food Drives By Bikers: There's nothing that says Christmas like a Toy, Food Drive Or Run. They are fun and straight form the Heart. it doesn't matter if your 1% or Independent. Law Enforcement say it's fake and a feel good thing. That's another lie in a string of them against Bikers. Motorcycle Ministries receives these toys, food, money to distribute to needy families and it's not just Christmas. 


Make America Great Again: Slowly President Trump is turning the ship around. Rookie mistakes has cost him valuable time as too many republicans decided to side with democrats in a effort to slow him down. In our view there are too many old buzzards in the senate willing to let the country go to hell in favor of their own agendas which is securing themselves a seat at the table, feeding off the rest of us. be careful of turning it back over to democrats too soon..


The Bad

Abel Reyna: ​Says he once again wants to try people who have committed no crimes. The citizens of McLennan County have got to be sayin WTF is his problem? Yes, there are people guilty as hell. Just maybe his problem is he's not a likable person? That persona is growing by the minute as the lies continue to fly out of his mouth on a daily basis.

They've got all the evidence your Honor, They've got all the evidence your Honor,They've got all the evidence your Honor,They've got all the evidence your Honor, he claimed again and again at trial. 


New evidence: has come Abel has compromised his office by selling favors and joining the ranks of OPO's across the land, it's shades of the Clinton's..


Police Officers: Police Officers continue to be shot at, wounded and killed, encourage by groups like the BLM, Antifa, DNC, Congressional Black Caucus, Terrorists. May we point out not a single Biker group is encouraging this type behavior.  We want everyone to make it home or travel in safety including ourselves.


Mass Migration: Mass migration in any form is dangerous for the country. Not only monetarily but culturally. Lottery, Chain, Visa's brings in over a million a year, that's not including those that come in illegally, most have no visible means of support. the cost is staggering. you are expected to burden the cost.  


The Ugly


 Here Comes Da Judges: ​For 30 months now we've witnessed the bazaar behavior of the Judges & visiting Judges in McLennan county. A system designed to protect themselves, law enforcement no matter the Constitution and the rights of the people.  We are indebted to them for helping us expose the entire system as corrupt as hell. Most of the people have no idea how bad it is unless they understand the truth of it all. 30 second sound bites by local media does not get it done. Matter of fact it helps perpetuate the corruption because they seek access and favors.  


Democrats: ​No group has worked harder whined so much as Democrats at all levels. They are now refusing to work for the good of the people. Their hate for everything that's good about America and those who are not of like mind outstrips any common sense they might have.


They are indoctrinated and dangerous for the future of our children..