Nov 17th 2020:

If Joe Biden's voter fraud stands we see a big test coming our way. Many Texas Cities and Cities across America passed resolutions as 2nd Amendment Sanctuary cities. One such city was Cameron Tx in Milam County. It's one thing to claim it and then actually do it. It's going to be interesting if we find city, county, state law enforcement and the courts at odds over it.

Case and point Judge Steve young who has his finger in every orifice in the city of Cameron and the county. He was quick to jump on the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary city band wagon. When this happened months ago this raised our eyebrows for sure. For months which has dragged into years Judge Young and the DPS have dragged a 24 YR Army Combat Veteran over the judicial coals with no resolution over conflicting laws so far.

So much for Judge Youngs 2nd Amendment beliefs as a 2nd Amendment and Constitutional supporter.

All because of what this veteran was wearing and the fact he belongs to a motorcycle club. They way we see it this 24 yr highly decorated combat soldier who has never been convicted of a crime can be a member of whatever club he wants.


There are no guilt by association laws period yet that's exactly what happens with state law that mandates LE makes these kind of stops for data gathering, even though no crime has been committed by him or whatever club he might be a member of.


The facts are clear in many of these type cases, the riders has LTC and was vetted by the state as a non criminal. That should be the end of story outside of a traffic violation or an actual crime in progress.


CCP 61.02 is till on the books, although many LE agencies today find themselves in a quagmire over recent events like riots and so on, watching their backs is now the order of the day. Unless you live in a rural area where the mindset still exist, meaning the narrative of the evils bikers..


The fact is Bikers were never the boogie men they were made out to be. its in our view this whole thing is about funding, data gathering for gang databases that operate in secret. They don't even follow their own guidelines in the centers or on the side of the road by LE officers. A DPS spokesperson said to a local TV station the DPS does not identify on person as a criminal when a LE officers runs a database check. Bikers been harassed, jailed, fined. It can drag on for years. Perpetrated by unscrupulous judes, Da's  and law enforcement

Ballot Counting Continues In States That Stopped Counting election night , some will recount some may even audit. Legal challenges are busy filing and gathering evidence of voter fraud on a massive scale. 


#1 dominion voting machine and software

#2 mail in ballots after deadlines / no signatures/ no down ballot voting

#3 secrecy (no observers allowed)

#4 voting stoppage