The single biggest tragedy that continues to plague the country as a whole is apathy. As long as it hasn't happened to me and my back yard I'm good. As long as I can take the fam out to a movie & diner each week I'm good, leave me alone, don't bother me with politics. it's this attitude that allows politicians to run wild, enrich themselves, rob us blind and destroy the country we love. You've got to recognize it.

Politicians in the Congress & Senate for decades have had low approval ratings and for the last few election cycles the lowest ever. Yet we re-elect the very same people who have swindled us to death, driven us into debt, are stealing American children's futures are getting reelected by about 91%. When they tell you that you can term limit them at anytime by voting them out of office, they know that's a snow balls chance in hell.

There are certain factors that must be over come to drive a congressman or senator out of office. The incumbent has the upper hand against any challenger. The jobs are so cushy so lucrative they will stay till they die or they get caught doing something stupid on social media.

1. Name Recognition - Is a reason we say the rich & well connected have the upper hand. Rich families, judges, lawyers, business men, athletes, car dealership owners. Well known public people have the best shot, citizen candidates just don't have the resources. Of course you may get someone who's had their 15 minutes of fame like Sgt Swanton of Waco PD & Joe the Plumber (one's a moron & the other is a plumber).

2. Money - Campaigns are incredibly expensive no matter what level. If you’re not wealthy and able to finance your own campaign you must have the ability to raise money.

3. Size & Gerrymandering the districts - Congressional House Districts are 23 times larger than in 1789. Every representative was representing 30,000 US citizens, now each congressman representative over 700,000 citizens and increases each year. The average district is larger than Wyoming.

Congress capped the number of representative during the modern era (1929) realizing smaller districts made them more accountable to the people, they could be removed because they were closer to the people.


Now they hide in Washington DC working together behind closed doors making sure the deck is stacked in their favor.

We are witnessing the results of it today. “Zero accountability” - A nation on the brink of destruction..

US Senator Ted Cruz told us a year and a half ago to the forget congress & the senate, all is lost in DC. We must concentrate on the State & local levels. Where they can be held accountable because of the size of the districts and they win by smaller margins.

They too are susceptible to district gerrymandering by the two parties.

Texas Legislature - Changes Must be Made And Fast

The 84th Texas legislature did not pass one bill that protected Texas citizens from an out of control federal government.

Politicians are now telling what a great job they’ve done on your behalf as the seek funding for their next campaign. Bull shit! In our book they have failed us all at every level and they are all walking in lock step until we break up the party. 

Waking Up: We see people waking up all across the Nation. Everyone is sick and tired of the games and the lies by the politicians and the media. This is the reason everyone cheers when Trump and others bloody their nose.

Bikers: If we band together educate ourselves we can have great influence in many races in this election cycle. We can put them on notice. We are tired of the lies, tired of the games, tired of being robbed, tired of no accountability, tired of them.


If we are going to seek legislative change we must make our presence felt. 


If you have a Texas legislative Strike Force near you join them today…