I (Popeye) was absent a few days last week taking care of my 90 yo Dad who had a stroke and surgery to install a pacemaker. So things are a bit behind. For this we apologize to our readers.


Thanks for the prayers. I'm not sure who needs them more me or him since he is set in his ways. Steering him in the right direction is a task. Keeping him from screwing with Doctors is worse, he hates them. Says they'll kill ya! Drink a V8 a day. 


Before I left him in Clear Lake Regional Hospital I had a little success in convincing him he's not going home anytime soon. He's going to need therapy and hopefully he can get around, eventually. Very tough for a man that's never had a major sickness in his life.


I want to say thanks to my Brothers Sons of Liberty Riders MC and others who have offered prayers and help. Looks like my Sister and I are going to be blazing a trail from DFW to Clear Lake for a while. 


Also thanks to Mi Raza MC for a wonderful time Saturday it gave me a chance to take a breath and relax a while. Always happy to be around fellow Bikers.


This doesn't stop us from the task ahead.


Respect Popeye

Why is it in the age of USB flash drives the government wants to charge for copies. For instance open court testimony. You can buy copies for hundreds even thousands of dollars, Doesn't matter if your in county or federal court. Throw in the city hall for good measure. 


I would be surprised in the modern era that the court recorder isn't download directly to a computer and in turn it's downloaded to the courts data base for each case. Then they want to rip you off for copies since it's so labor intensive. Click, Click, Click.


Or just maybe it's to keep the people or certain groups from having easy access? Like defense lawyers who sometimes pool resources the purchase the overpriced documents. 


A 16BG Flash costs as whopping $4.95 at Best Buy.


There is some testimony coming out of the San Antonio we are interested in. The cost of the transcript we are told is about $1500. for copies. 


Senior U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, of Austin has officially  joined the OPO's (Outlaw Public Officials) of Waco. Delay and foot dragging is the name of the game. Waiting for help from another mad house trial in San Antonio. The Judge there has already told them there is no connection between the two. Prosecutors from Waco have been withdrawn for the scene. There is no there there. WTF Sammy? 


Let's play who's this criminal? You got it! A guy they call a former police officer. But only after he was accused of sexual assault and official oppression in which we know all about "right"? Official Oppression seems to travel a lot in Texas. So a ham sandwich Grand Jury gives him the old bone. Of course his bond was only 200 G's. Officer Christopher R. Morris was fired on June 6.


Oppression, Foot dragging, Vilifying. Overcharging, Hiding or Refusing To Turn Over Evidence is the MO of government. Everybody has an agenda and it's not the American people.


​We Bikers must lead the way and expose the corruption no matter how much shit they throw at us. The American people are confused that the Officials that are supposed to protect them have gone their own way. Very few in Law Enforcement are afraid to stand up and point out what's wrong. We are not.


How do we do this? Start Off by sharing and then join a MC or Group that's working to defend the Constitution, You and the People.


In your area strongly suggest you or your Club look into the COCI, COIR & US Defenders. Under oath an FBI Special Agent testified are Legitimate Political Organizations. No one, No one is forced to join. Don't believe the lies of LE...